Will.i.am thinks ‘Love’ will push people toward polls 

Will.i.am thinks 'Love' will push people toward polls 
William Adams, an American rapper, Source: Web

Twelve years ago, it was William Adams (well known as Will.i.am), an American rapper, spoken word video clip ‘yes we can’ that gave the soundtrack to Obama’s historic race for the presidency.

This time, with less than one week to go this year’s election, the 6 times Grammy award holder is again going to perform to support Joe Biden (presumptive Democratic presidential candidate).

Black Eyed Peas group of Will.i.am have collaborated with Jennifer Hudson (Academy Award winner) to release ‘The Love,’ an adaption of the Black Eyed Peas‘ 2003 global smash hit ‘Where is the Love.’

The Love contains similar stylistic echoes of the 2008 ‘Yes We Can Video’ and even makes use of Biden’s Democratic National Convention dialogue in the opening and ending verses.

The project features family members of George Floyd and Jacob Blake

The plan features a series of activists, including family members of Jacob Blake and George Floyd. Moreover, the video clip starts with Joe Biden himself mentioning the words of Ella Baker (a civil right icon) ‘Give light, and people will find the way.’

William Adams thinks 'Love' will push American people toward polls 
Will.i.am’s collaboration with Jennifer Hudson, to support Biden,
Source: Web

In the year of racial reckoning for the U.S., the footage has earlier marked around thirty million views since it was published the previous week. Both Michelle Barack Obama and Vice President Joe Biden have revealed it on Twitter with their followers in a struggle to mobilize voters.

In a mail, a media outlet CNN, asked Williams about his advice to voters, how the alliance with Jennifer Hudson came true, and also what he thinks to see for the United States in 2021. Few questions emerge in people’s minds.

What was the main reason to create this video?

The United States is severely divided into various difficulties due to rough management, or I should say no management at all regarding the Coronavirus pandemic. Moreover, for the country which had acquired the best healthcare system all across the world, and they are worst facing COVID-19 cases and a number of deaths.

Is this video linked to or created by Joe Biden?

Here, Will.i.am says no. He described that it’s an independent artistic project of his band with the collaboration of Jennifer Hudson, and there were no amount of funds came from the Biden side.