Michael Steele, former Republican National Committee chairman endorses Biden for President

Michael Steele endorses Joe Biden for 2020 Presidential contest
Steele endorses Biden, Source: Web

Michael Steele, the person who became the first Black chairman of the RNC (Republican National Committee) around a decade ago, has endorsed Joe Biden (former vice president and presumptive Democratic presidential nominee) in the 2020 election.

Early Tuesday, in an NBC News op-ed, Michael Steele wrote that he is an American, a Republican and a conservative, in that order. He added that he is going to vote for Joe Biden on the 3rd of November.

Trump didn’t meet the standards

While Michael Steele admired the values of Republican and former President Ronald Reagan’s values such as individual initiative and free enterprise as the highly effective means of empowering people to accomplish the American Dreams. He continued that the current President of the United States remained unsuccessful to touch those principles.

Invoking the 1860 abolitionist speech of the former Abraham Lincoln ahead of the Cooper Union, he wrote that the Republican Party, such as their nation, has an animating resolution, promoting freedom.

Michael Steele, former Republican National Committee chairman endorses Biden for President
Michael Steele supports Joe Biden,
Source: Web

Michael Steele wrote that the United States has watched as the Republican Party stopped following its animating standards of freedom and opportunity. He added that it has despaired its voice on the thing that mattered and instead disordered the arc of party towards the baser purposes of one man, who is neither a conservative nor a Republican.

He further wrote that he disagrees with Joe Biden on the policy issues, sometimes strongly, but he thought that Bide would help their nation heal.

Steele described that this election race is not about those policies or issues, but it is about the course of a country and the character of its people reflected in the leader they select. Moreover, he said that he is asking his fellow American people to consider what is in your best interests and not Trump’s.

The endorsement of Democratic nominee Joe Biden is not the first time, Michael Steele has publicly slammed Donald Trump, he linked the Lincoln Project (an anti-Trump group) at the end of August.

Meanwhile, he described that the chair behind the Resolute Desk has much potential than any political party. Steele said that free people cannot rule themselves if they can’t proceed with respect for other people involved in the procedure and with humility, and it just won’t work.