Fact-checking misleading claims about 2020 Georgia recount

Fact checking false allegations over the Georgia recount
Error was monitored and immediately fixed, Source: Web

The planned recounting of Georgia for the presidential election, expected to sum up yesterday, is suggesting Joe Biden’s victory and no alleged fraud find. But it is not looking enough to stop President Trump from spreading misinformation about the election results.

During the Georgia recounting, President Trump has consistently posted falsehood tweets about Georgia elections, and Trump administration has followed suit.

On Wednesday, David Shafer (the Chairman of the Georgia Republican Party) came to Twitter and posted that somebody checking the recount that found a 9,626 vote error in the DeKalb County hand count, which provided Joe Biden 10,707 votes but the actual number of votes is 1,081. David Shafer also said that the mistake could have provided Joe Biden with a significant increase in the intense contest.

President Trump’s team published a post on Twitter, feeding Donald Trump’s narrative that the Georgia recount is just a joke and a cover to the fraud.

Twitter labeled David Shafer’s tweet

After the tweet, within hours, social media platform, Twitter, mention his tweet and said that this claim regarding election fraud is disputed because it broke the firm’s civic integrity rule.

The alleged claims are false and require context. An official of the state election described that the county appropriately informed its outcomes after Election Day but that, but there was an error found in the recount for this week. Moreover, officials described that the error was monitored and it wasn’t affecting the total number of votes reported for Donald Trump or Joe Biden.

Fact checking untrue allegations over the Georgia recount
Misleading claims over Georgia recount,
Source: Web

On Wednesday, the implementation manager of Georgia’s voting system, Gabriel Sterling described to news reporters that there are procedures to find anyone’s error and called this a non-event, non-issue.

Gabriel Sterling recognized that there was a mistake while recounting, but it was checked during the process. Furthermore, the mistake didn’t affect the results for either Biden or Trump because it was immediately fixed.

Gabriel Sterling responded a claim from David Shafer and described that this is what happens in an audit. He continued that that’s why you do not release temporary audit outcomes because humans are going to create m8istakes in a hand count audit. So the fault was monitored, and it was fixed.