Officials from Trump administration approaching Joe Biden’s team

A few officials from Trump administration approaching Biden's team
Trump officials reaching out to Biden, Source: Web

Many officials of Trump administration, even some political appointees who left in previous months, have quietly begun to approaching the transition team of Joe Biden (the President-elect).

 The recent outreach is an indication that Trump’s denial to accept the election results and the continued obstacle from the White House is starting to upset those associated with the administration. Moreover, the GSA (General Services Administration) still has to assure Joe Biden’s success and start the official transition. Consequently, Joe Biden and his administration remain restricted to get access to interact with the federal agencies to increase government hiring for the upcoming administration.

Conversations are not as detailed as formal conferences

One of the former Trump administration officials described to a media outlet, CNN, that they are observing outreach effort as tapping duty to the nation over biased considerations. Moreover, sources said that the negotiations are not as comprehensive as formal briefings that would apply under the formally sanctioned transition, but they could, at least, help upcoming Joe Biden transition staff has a sense of the problems they might have to face while taking office.

Officials from Trump administration approaching Joe Biden's team
Many current and former officials from Trump’s team reach out to Joe Biden,
Source: Web

Another former official of the White House, who previously left the office months ago, described that he personally sends an email to someone who he thinks will be returned in the Joe Biden administration in the same role to his.

On Wednesday, one of the current administration officials confirmed that there have been informal outreach from inner Donald Trump’s administration to Joe Biden’s administration. Furthermore, the official described that nothing that would get them in trouble. He continued that it is just an offer to be of help and they know what we mean, and what they can and can’t do or say. Besides this, the official described that outreach still has not resulted in any kind of substantive negotiations.

One of the senior advisers to Joe Biden recognized the outreach from across the government but didn’t comment. Moreover, an individual Joe Biden staff member said that the support was respected and in many cases was an outgrowth of preexisting dealings with particular fields, but noted that it wasn’t even near as strong as a traditional transition of power.

The deputy campaign manager and adviser to Joe Biden, Kate Bedingfield described to CNN that it needs more than former officials opting to step forward and be supportive to ensure a smooth transition of power. He continued that the General Services Administration should obey the law and determine the results of the election so that American people get an effective and smooth handoff between administrations.