Trump’s baseless election fraud claims undermine US overseas credibility

Trump's baseless election scam claims undermine U.S. overseas credibility
Trump's false allegation on election scam, Source: Web

In the early morning of Wednesday, the U.S. Embassy to Ivory Coast delivered a statement in which it is addressing the leaders in the West African country to show commitment to the democratic procedure and the rule of law.

It’s a type of boilerplate announcement that United States ambassadors issue all the time regarding secure elections across the world, specifically those parts of it where democracy isn’t entirely secure. But comments from the United States President just a few hours ago has damaged it somewhat.

Trump's baseless election fraud claims undermine US overseas credibility
2020 election of the United States,
Source: Web

Trump baselessly alleging Biden’s almost victory as a fraud

A few hours after midnight, in a news conference at the White House, President Trump had criticized Joe Biden (Democratic presidential nominee) and said that all voting should stop, and baselessly alleging the Democrats of scam. President Trump added to point out these points on the social media platform, Twitter, to mention many of his tweets as misleading or disputed.

Messy presidential debates and the ugly campaign had previously spoiled the standing of the American democratic system outside the country this year, but the view of the United States leader openly searching to delegitimize the vote was still a surprise for many. Moreover, Donald Trump’s allegations were taken with shock in many nations, and a few glees in others, where enemies of the United States have long alleged Washington of insincerity with respect to democratic rights.

 On Wednesday, in a conversation, Annegret Kramp-Karrenbauer (German Defense Minister) described that the United States deals with a very explosive condition and a possible disaster. He told ZDF, a public broadcaster, that this voting has not been completed, and votes are still being calculated, but the fight over the legitimacy of the outcome has started.

Boris Johnson, Prime Minister of the United Kingdom, declined the request to comment on the United States election, although Jeremy Hunt (the Conservative Party lawmaker and the former foreign minister) told the media outlet, BBC, that a massive argument about the process which would put a smile on the faces of those people like President Putin and President Xi, who will see at their people and say that ‘Are you not happy that they have not got any of this mess?’ So, this is going to be an absolute disaster.

Furthermore, Hunt added that they must remember that the standing of democracy across the world is at stake here.