Thursday, June 30, 2022
Turkey Backs Sweden and Finland Bid to Join NATO

Turkey Backs Sweden and Finland’s NATO Bid

Turkey, a member of NATO, agreed to back Finland’s and Sweden’s membership in the alliance....
Governor Announces to Withdraw Ukrainian Forces from Sievierodonetsk

Governor Announces to Withdraw Ukrainian Troops from Sievierodonetsk

According to a Ukrainian military leader, the Ukrainian forces are leaving Sievierodonetsk, which has been...
French President Macron to Meet Opponents as He Left Majority

Macron to Meet Opponents as he Left Majority

Today, Emmanuel Macron, the President of France, will meet his political rival parties after he...
Vladimir Putin Criticizes West as Ukraine Close to Get EU Membership

Putin Criticizes West as Ukraine Close to Join EU

Russian President Vladimir Putin chastised the West for imposing sanctions on Moscow but played down...
South Carolina Rejected Tom Rice as He Voted to Impeach Trump

South Carolina Rejected Tom Rice After Defying Trump

Two GOP House representatives in South Carolina who drew the anger of former Republican President...


American Senate to Approve Extensive Infrastructure Spending Bill

American senators have proposed a one trillion dollars bipartisan spending bill to repair the country’s worsening bridges and roads,...

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EU Leaders Reached Compromise Deal on Russian Oil Phaseout

FAccording to the European Council President, the European Union, a political and economic bloc of twenty-seven countries from the European region, has reached a...

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The U.K. Intends to Permit Vaccinated Travelers to Enter Without Quarantine

On Friday, Grant Shapps, the transport minister, said that the United Kingdom is operating to decreasing crucial quarantine requirements for completely inoculated overseas travelers, an action that had benefited only completely inoculated United Kingdom people. On Friday morning, in an...


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