Many world leaders didn’t congratulate Joe Biden for his victory

Many world leaders didn't congratulate the 2020 President of the U.S.
Biden didn't acquire much congratulations from the world leaders, Source: Web

As Joe Biden became the President of the United States on Saturday, but several world leaders didn’t praise him on his victory. But everyone hasn’t been so keen, and some of them have been clear in their absence. We will see some key international leaders who haven’t delivered any support or congratulate Biden on his biggest success.

Vladimir Putin (Russian President)

Russian President Vladimir Putin was one of those first presidents to congratulate former President Donald Trump on his victory four years ago, but this time, there has been no telegram, phone call, or any tweet to Joe Biden.

Dmitry Peskov, the Kremlin spokesman, described that the reason for the late congratulation was the legal difficulties being projected by the Donald Trump administration. He said to news reporters that they believe that the correct thing to do would be to wait for the formal election outcome.

Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador (Mexican President)

Mexican President is also another Latin American president who has made an effort to manage good relations with Donald Trump, instead of tough policy on migrants and particularly his pledge to make a wall on the border of two countries.

Many world leaders didn't congratulate Joe Biden for his victory
Many Presidents didn’t appear to congratulate Biden,
Source: Web

Xi Jinping (Chinse President)

Mr. Xi Jinping congratulated Donald Trump in the previous election in 2016 the day after his poll success. But this time, there is no congratulation for the victory of Joe Biden.

Jair Bolsonaro (Brazilian President)

President Jair Bolsonaro is usually supposed to be a friend of the former president of the United States, Donald Trump, so much so that and has been described as the ‘Trump of the Tropics.’ So, the Brazilian President’s failure to congratulate Joe Biden appears as no surprise.

Mart Helme (Estonian Interior Minister)

Mart Helme declared that his resignation on Monday as he and his son (Martin Helme) created accusations about the widespread scam in the United States election on Sunday in a radio talk show.

Kim Jong-un (North Korean President)

Thus far, there has been no reaction to the outcome of the election from President Kim Jong-un, also state media outlets of North Korea have been quiet on the American election.

Benjamin Netanyahu (Israeli Prime Minister)

Benjamin Netanyahu is one of those world leaders who has never tried to hide their relation with Donald Trump. He congratulated Joe Biden, but people noticed that there was an absence of words.