Biden fetched all five votes in Dixville Notch and marked his first victory on Election Day

Biden fetched all five votes in Dixville Notch and marked the first victory on Election Day
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Joe Biden, the Democratic presidential nominee, has taken the victory of the midnight election in Dixville Notch, New Hampshire, in a landslide.

Joe Biden had acquired all 5 votes in the small N.H. township that historically counts their outcomes just after midnight. So, in the results, he got the first victory on Election Day.

Rob DiRienzo, Fox News multimedia reporter, tweet that the last contender to win in the landslide there was Richard Nixon in 1960.

 Near Millsfield, around twelve miles to the south of Dixville Notch, New Hampshire, also voted for Donald Trump just after the stroke of midnight. Moreover, President Trump got victory early Tuesday, with sixteen votes to Joe Biden’s five votes.

Dixville Notch, situated in the remote part of northern N.H., around twenty miles south of the Canadian boundary, has been an icon of midnight election voting for many decades.

Although, the years the media community started to ritually swarm the region on election eves to see the first totals come in. As a tradition, the election voting was conducted in the Balsams Resort’s storied Ballot Room (a hotel in the middle of the town). Presidential contenders from Ronald Reagan (40th president of U.S.) to John McCain established a way to activate voters at the Notch.

Biden fetched 5 votes in Dixville Notch and marked the first victory
Biden leading presidential race,
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It’s the 60th anniversary of the tradition

The current presidential voting year is going to be the sixtieth anniversary of the tradition, which initiated the first time in November 1960.

Dixville Notch’s town moderator, Tom Tillotson, described in the previous week that there would usually be a significant food spread, and most of the media gathered in a little space to see the presidential election voting. Due to the pandemic Coronavirus, it’s not going to longer possible. He said that sixty years, and unfortunately, they can’t celebrate it.

Besides this, the township didn’t always forecast the final winner of the presidential election as Clinton got victory over Donald Trump, but Trump was going to win the Electoral College.

Mike Bloomberg, former Mayor of New York, won the election there before this year, and even Senator Bernie Sanders got the victory in 2016.

Election voting was acquired for years in the wood-paneled room full of political memorabilia at the Balsams, which ended in 2011.