State Department is not playing a supportive role for Joe Biden

State Department is not playing a supportive role for Joe Biden
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State Department’s officials close to the matter described that a bunch of messages from many foreign leaders to Joe Biden are sitting, but the administration of Donald Trump is averting him from reaching them.

Many countries have started delivering messages to the State Department over the weekend because the State Department traditionally backs all communications for the President-elect. But here in the current case, Joe Biden is restricted from reaching the State Department by Donald Trump administration, because Trump rejects to admit victory of Joe Biden, and a stack of messages haven’t been delivered to the President-elect.

The President-elect dealing with foreign governments

Joe Biden’s administration is in contact with foreign governments without having any involvement of the State Department, and Biden had taken many phone calls with world leaders that includes Justin Trudeau of Canada and Angela Merkel of Germany.

Biden’s team is performing without any translation and logistical help that the State Department works center offers. A source, with the knowledge of the situation, said that they would choose to be using the State Department resources. Moreover, the source noted that Joe Biden’s team is facing unexpected difficulties in facilitating these calls.

State Department is not playing a supportive role for Joe Biden
Joe Biden isn’t getting support from the State Department,
Source: Web

The President-elect not only restricted by the State Department from acquiring messages and from preparing for calls, but Mike Pompeo (State Secretary) also rejected to accept Joe Biden’s victory, describing that there will be a clear transition to the 2nd Trump administration.

Joe Biden is even being restricted from acquiring the same intelligence explanations as the President, and should the Donald Trump administration keep continuing to restrict a typical transition near to inauguration Day on 20th of January, there are worries Joe Biden’s team will be playing catch up the day Biden takes office.

In the previous time, the State Department has enabled a smoother procedure. Denis McDonough (operated in Obama’s team during the transition) said that it was supportive to have State ops place the calls and to give translation facilities, and they were thankful for the cooperation from the Bush administration for making that happen.

Many sources described that the current calls that are taking place are not much sensitive. McDonough added that these calls in the past have been managed on open lines, and they are congratulatory calls.


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