Twitter removed Dr. Scott Atlas’ tweet questioning the effectiveness of mask

Twitter eradicated Atlas' tweet questioning the effectiveness of mask
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Social media giant, Twitter, eradicated a tweet posted from Dr. Scott Atlas, the leading White House COVID-19 advisor, as he questioned the effectiveness of face masks in fighting Coronavirus.

Face Mask doesn’t work

Dr. Scott Atlas’ tweet says, ‘Mask works? No’ and led many other people who questioned the use of face masks in stopping the outbreak of the COVID-19. He also used examples of regions where he described ‘Coronavirus cases exploded even with necessary measures’ including Miami, Alabama, Hawaii, Los Angeles, Philippines, France, Israel, Spain, and the United Kingdom.

Twitter, in a statement to the Hill, described that the tweet tweeted by the doctor was in violation of their Coronavirus ‘Misleading Information Policy’ that restricts sharing untrue or misleading content regarding Coronavirus, which could be harmful.

 He also added to his tweets, that means the right policy is @realDonaldTrump recommendation: use face masks for their intended purpose when you nearby someone else especially hi risk. He continued that otherwise, social distance, no widespread mandates.

The elimination of his tweet is the recent move in a bunch of actions the firm has taken to either flag or remove posts by a member of the President Trump administration, adding the President himself, that it says are false or misleading as it reaches to problems ranging from COVID-19 epidemic to the upcoming presidential election.

Twitter removed Dr. Scott Atlas' tweet questioning the effectiveness of mask
Twitter removes tweet by Dr. Atlas,
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The eradication or flagging of posted tweets or any other social media published posts has taken on a sensitive level of inspection from conservatives since both Facebook and Twitter complied actions last week to stop a New York Post article centered around Hunter Biden, with GOP officials in both the Senate and the House criticizing the action as censorship and calling on both firms to clarify themselves before Congress.

Atlas’ video clip removed by YouTube

It was not the first time when Twitter removed the tweet from the medical professional and drove a medical specialist into a conflict. Besides this, a video clip from Dr. Scott Atlas, in September, was also removed by a video streaming social platform (YouTube), in which he was questioning the need for universal social distancing guidelines, which marked as ‘violating community standards.’

Dr. Scott Atlas, who supports the resuming of economy, taped an extensive interview with the Hoover Intuition, where he negotiated the probability of permitting natural immunities to avoid Coronavirus.