Kirstie Alley answered to ‘horrible’ people who slammed her support for Trump

Kirstie Alley answered those who criticezed her support for Trump
Kirstie Alley supporting President Trump, Source: Web

Kirstie Alley, an American TV personality and actress, answered with prompting words when she was pulled on different social media platforms for declaring her consistent support for Donald Trump in the forthcoming election.

On Saturday evening, she took to the social media platform, Twitter, to describe to her followers why she supported President Trump in 2016 election and decides again to vote for Trump on the 3rd of November in the reelection bid against Joe Biden, presumptive Democratic presidential nominee.

Kirstie Alley started that she is voting for President Trump because he is not a politician. She continued that she voted for President Trump four years ago for that reason and will vote for him again for same reason. She said that Donald Trump gets things done abruptly, and he will turn the country’s economy around quickly and there you have it folks, there you have it.

 It hadn’t taken long before Kirstie Alley was criticized by her own followers on the social media platform for her consistent support for President Donald Trump amid a bunch of problems, including his management regarding COVID-19, which she had already publicly admired. Moreover, her name was also trending on Twitter.

Judd Apatow also criticized Alley

Judd Apatow (a filmmaker) was also among those critics who slammed her writing, said that Shelly Long was more-funnier than Alley.

The action was linked to the happening when Kirstie Alley was brought on to ‘Cheers’ in the 6th season to swap Shelly Long’s character after the latter decided to remove from the wildly popular TV series.

Kirstie Alley answered to 'horrible' people who slammed her support for Trump
Kirstie Alley answered critics with encouraging words,
Source: Web

Danny Zuker, the executive producer of ‘Modern Family,’ followed suit with the same jab at Kirstie Alley after a few hours. Furthermore, he wrote that ‘Breaking: Shelley Long leaving is no longer a dumbest conclusion made by a Cheers’ actor.

Kirstie Alley wrote that she doesn’t think she has ever seen so much name calling in her life. She continued that definitely not on her site here anyway, she guesses she is not permitted to acquire a viewpoint without being called a really horrible names by what she is going to suppose, are really horrible people.

 Her support for Donald Trump is nothing new to those that have been concentrating on her social media presence in the previous months. Furthermore, Alley previously criticized Biden, alleging him in July of being fearful to debate Donald Trump, in 2019, and she said that she rejected to be one of ‘the Hollywood a— hats, who denied working with Republicans.