Harry Potter star JessiCave’s son tested positive for Coronavirus

Harry Potter star Jessi Cave's baby boy tested positive for Coronavirus
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Actress Jessie Cave, around eleven weeks after taking her son home from the hospital, declared that she was quarantined in the hospital room with her son, who contracted Coronavirus. On Tuesday, the popular actress, who got fame for playing Lavender Brown in the series “Harry Potter,” revealed the news on Instagram.

The actress posted a picture of her son in the hospital bed, when the actress saw Boris Johnson’s lockdown declaration on Monday night. Cave wrote that she watched the news about lockdown from a quarantined room in the hospital, and the poor baby is tested positive for Coronavirus. she continued that he is okay and doing great, but they are being cautious and vigilant. She further said described that this stress is super powerful and contagious so, she does hope that people take care extra in the upcoming weeks.


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 On Monday night, the Prime Minister of the United Kingdom announced the novel lockdown measure when the nation faced a new COVID-19 variant that ramped up the infection rate significantly to their peak levels.

The novel Coronavirus infection, which was initially founded in the United Kingdom in the previous month, has also been spotted in many states, such as New York and California.

Harry Potter star Jessi Cave's son tested positive for Coronavirus
Jessi Cave’s son tested positive for COVID-19,
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Health specialists in the United States and the United Kingdom described that the strain appears to infect more easily than others; still, there is no proof that this is more deadly. Furthermore, medical scientists are inspecting whether the novel variant of COVID-19 prevails more easily in kids or not.

The United Kingdom’s NERVTAG (New and Emerging Respiratory Virus Threats Advisory Group) describes if the strain spreads to kids more easily. Plus, there is no sign that says the strain creates more health concerns for kids. It is still ambiguous which variant of Coronavirus Cave’s son has been infected with. The actress, in her Instagram post, negotiated about the tough beginning of 2021.