US Scientists examine UK COVID-19 variant to check vaccine resistance

US Scientists examine UK COVID-19 variant to check vaccine resistance
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The WRAIR’s (Walter Reed Army Institute of Research) scientists are expecting to see in the upcoming days if there is a problem that COVID-19 vaccines might not perform effectively against the mutated variant of the virus that has abruptly dispersed in different regions of England.

The Center for Infectious Diseases Research’s director, Dr. Nelson Michael, said while there is always a concern that the vaccine will be effective against this novel variant. He continued that it stands to reason that this mutation is not a concern, but you never know, they still have to be diligent and continue to look.

Computer-based analysis to predict the upcoming concern

On Thursday, Walter Reed’s group has begun analyzing genetic orders of the novel United Kingdom variant published by British analysts and researchers. Moreover, they are going to have a digital examination through computers as an initial step. Besides this, Dr. Michael described that the computer analysis will permit them to measure how much anxiety they should have, and several other teams across the world are also performing this analysis.

In case if computer-based analysis depicts there is a problem, then further researches would require to be performed in the lab. On Saturday, in a press release, Boris Johnson (the Prime Minister of the United Kingdom) declared a new lockdown holiday in various England regions that have observed the spread of the new mutation.

U.S. Scientists examine UK COVID-19 variant to check vaccine resistance
U.S. Scientists examine UK COVID-19 variant to check vaccine resistance,
Source: Web

UK’s Prime Minister said that there is no evidence to show the COVID-19 vaccine will have any less efficacy against the new variant, and their analysts will keep their operations to improve their understanding as soon as possible.

During the press release, Dr. Patrick Vallance explained that their working assumption at the time from all of the researchers and scientists is that the coronavirus vaccine reaction should be suitable for this pandemic.

American Food & Drug Administration (FDA) has approved 2 vaccines, the first one is from Pfizer, and the 2nd one is from Moderna. The significant information to know about them is that both vaccines work by developing a genetic blueprint for the spikes that look on the surface of Coronavirus. Furthermore, the immune system observes the spikes and gets knowledge about how to start an attack against the virus.

In August, the Walter Reed group posted a research demonstrating that the vaccines still have effective results against many other mutations of COVID-19.