Oxford-AstraZeneca vaccination to get started amid surge in COVID-19 cases  

Oxford-AstraZeneca vaccination to get started amid surge in cases  
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The opening jabs of the COVID-19 vaccine made by Oxford-AstraZeneca are going to be given when the United Kingdom boosts its vaccine plan to respond to a surge in Coronavirus cases. On Monday, above half a million jabs of Coronavirus vaccine are on edge to serve infected people.

The health secretary labeled it as a ‘pivotal moment’ in the United Kingdom’s battle against COVID-19, as vaccine jabs are going to help control the virus, which in turn help to lift restrictions. Boris Johnson, Prime Minister of the U.K., has threatened that strict measures will be required in the short-term.

Prime Minister described that regional measures in England are likely about to get more challenging because the country tries to handle novel, quickly spreading Coronavirus variants.

The third national lockdown is expected

In the United Kingdom, above fifty-thousands new Coronavirus infections confirmed on Sunday, creating a situation for the 3rd national lockdown in the country. Moreover, Wales and Northern Ireland have been passing through their own lockdowns, but Scottish ministers are considering to meet later to impose extra measures.

On Monday, six medical centers in London, Sussex, Oxford, Warwickshire, and Lancashire, will start managing the Oxford-AstraZeneca vaccine jabs and around 530,000 jabs are ready to be injected.

Oxford-AstraZeneca vaccination to get started amid surge in COVID-19 cases  
Oxford-AstraZeneca vaccination to get started on Monday,  
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The DHSC (Department of Health & Social Care) said that many other available vaccine doses will be delivered to hundreds of care homes and GP led services all across the United Kingdom this week.

Matt Hancock, the Health Secretary, described that this is a pivotal point in their fight against this terrible virus, and he hopes it provides new hope to everyone that the end of a pandemic is in sight. Meanwhile, he forced people to keep following social distancing measures and COVID-19 guidelines to resist new cases down and save our loved ones.

Huge pressure on the NHS

The recent surge in Coronavirus cases has pushed much pressure on the NHS (National Health Service), the country has ramped up its vaccination rollout by deciding to serve both jabs of the COVID-19 vaccine twelve weeks apart and planned to put 21 days gap between both doses.

The chief medical regulators of the U.K. have defended the gap to 2nd jab, describing that most of the people vaccinated through the first dose.

The vaccine demanded all around the world, confirming that there are much vaccine jabs ready to deliver, but it’s one of the biggest challenges. Pfizer-BioNTech was the first vaccine that got approved in the United Kingdom, and above million people received their first jabs. Furthermore, the first person to get the first dose on Dec. 8, and she also had her 2nd jab of the COVID-19 vaccine.