‘Deezer D’ Thompson, ER’s star, has passed away at 55

'Deezer D' Thompson, ER's star, has passed away at 55
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American actor and rapper, ‘Deezer D’ Thompson, well known for his character on “ER,” a former medical series, has passed away at the age of 55.

Marshawn, Thompson’s brother, confirmed the tragic news to TMZ (tabloid journalism). His brother relayed on the thinking of his family that Deezer D died of a heart attack, but an official reason for his death didn’t release yet.

TMZ says that Thompson Deezer D was found unresponsive while he was at his home in LA on Thursday. Moreover, it also said that he previously had a heart operation to replace an aorta in 2009 and cured his leaky heart valve.

'Deezer D' Thompson, ER's star, has passed away at 55
‘Deezer D’ Thompson is no more with us,
Source: Web

Thompson well known for his nickname “Deezer D”

Dearon Thompson, who was well known by his nickname ‘Deezer D,’ appeared on ‘ER’ from 1994 to 2009, and he played Malik McGrath (nurse). He made his appearances in around two-hundred episodes of the successful medical drama.

Besides this, he also made an appearance in the films “CB4” and “Fear of a Black Hat” in 1993. After this, Deezer D also played a role in “Bringing Down the House” in 2003, and in 2009 he appeared in “Romy and Michele’s High School Reunion.”

Reports said that Deezer D was also well famous in the underground hip hop and Christian communities, previously conducting a Christian radio show in LA. Plus, he worked as a fitness expert and trainer.

 On Thursday, Deezer D’s co-star in “ER,” Terry Wilkerson, responded to his death, saying on Twitter that he had the pleasure of working with Thompson on ER. He further noted that Deezer D was the most gentle soul ever, and even before diversity was popular, he made it on one of the biggest shows on the platform. He concluded his writing by saying, “prayers to his family and rest easy, my brother.”

Several other stars took to Twitter and shared their condolences to Deezer D.