Barack Obama slammed Trump ahead of the final debate

Barack Obama slammed Trump ahead of the final debate
Obama smashed Trump's handling of Coronavirus, Source: Web

In a speech, Barack Obama (former President of the United States) slammed President Trump before the crucial Tuesday’s debate, possibly the last chance for Trump to turn around his campaign.

 On Wednesday, Barack Obama came up with 4 years of contained frustration in a scornful Philadelphia arrival that is likely to more irk commander-in-chief before his debate with Joe Biden (presumptive Democratic presidential nominee). Moreover, Nashville’s debate arrives at a significant moment in the White House contest as fresh polls emphasize the task President Donald Trump faces in pulling off another shock election success in twelve days.

The last chance for Trump to shake up the race

Joe Biden, according to a new CNN survey, leads easily in Pennsylvania, potentially the critically swinging state, with a smooth path of 270 electoral votes in case if Biden turns leads in Michigan and Wisconsin into victories. Furthermore, it leaves President Donald Trump needing the type of late surge that took him to an astonishing success over Democrat Hillary Clinton. It means Trump’s election clashes could be the last chance to shake up the battle because they already missed their second debate due to the Coronavirus diagnosis of Trump.

Obama criticezed President Trump ahead of the final debate
Barak Obama, the former 44th President of the U.S.,
Source: Web

Barack Obama (44th U.S. President ) slammed President Trump’s administration that there is ‘not much’ he would alter in the world’s tiniest successful effort to suppress Coronavirus that has taken above 221,000 American lives and destroyed the economy of the nation.

Obama said that ‘really? Not much? Nothing you all can think that could have helped many of the people to keep their loved ones alive?’

He described that Biden will not screw up testing, and he won’t call scientists idiots. Besides this, Joe Biden is not going to conduct a super spreader event at the White House, and this man will definitely get this epidemic under control.

Barack Obama specifically liked exploiting reports by The New York Times made on the financial records of President Trump, which says President Trump also has a bank account in China, and even Obama criticizes Joe Biden for being soft on the communist giant.