The US protesters need justice over George Floyd death

United States protesters need justice over George Floyd death

Across the United States, protesters developed clash with cops in various regions due to the killing of an African-American man by the police officers in Minneapolis.

Outside the White House, many people gathered and protested that was briefly, which was shortly put under Coronavirus lockdown Friday, and hardly demanding a fair decision over the killing of George Floyd.

Protestors are heavily protesting in New York, Minnesota, and California. Moreover, former Minneapolis police cop had taken into custody with the charge of the murder of Mr. Floyd.

Derek Chauvin kneeling on the neck of Mr. Floyd

On Monday, a white native, Derek Chauvin was appeared in a video kneeling on the neck of Mr. Floyd, who was a forty-six years old gentleman. Besides this, Derek Chauvin came up with three other police officers that are now dismissed since they did that action.

On Monday, Derek Chauvin is showed in the court for the first time in Minneapolis. Furthermore, the United States President, Donald Trump has talked about that incident and said that is a terrible, terrible thing and even added that he contacted the family of Mr. Floyd, and pictured them as a terrific people.

Clashes across US as protesters demand justice 2

People protested in front of the White House

People appeared in the form of groups near to the White House on Friday evening, in Washington, DC, and they were waving posters and pictures of Mr. Floyd and even chanting the last words of Floyd “I can’t breathe.” Moreover, those people were also citing Eric Garner, who was a man from the black community, and died when he was taken into police custody by the police in New York in 2014.

At that time, the White House implemented a temporary lockdown with the USSS (United States Secret Service) shutting down exits and entrance.

On Friday and Saturday evening, Curfew was directed for two cities of Minneapolis-Saint Paul with the duration from 20:00 to 6:00. After this, more protestors came after those instructions had come into effect, and automobiles and buildings were set burning.

Clashes across US as protesters demand justice 2

In various cities, there were aggressive clashes that appeared between police and protestors in Denver, Los Angeles, Chicago, Memphis, Columbus, Phoenix, Louisville, and Houston.

Several buildings were damaged in Atlanta, and even a police car was set to fire while developing huge gatherings around the offices of the news outlet of CNN.

Police cops projected tear gas canisters in Dallas when people threw stones at them. Besides this, Chauvin charged with second-degree manslaughter and third-degree murder about his action in Floyd’s murder, but people want to put other officers too as death assists.