Can Ultra Violet light kill Novel Coronavirus

Can Ultra Violetlight if effective to kill new Coronavirus

Dan Arnold works with UV Light Technology, a firm that provides sterilizing equipment for pharmaceutical companies, hospitals, and food manufacturers all over the United Kingdom. Recently, after the worldwide unexpected high concern of the novel coronavirus, he found himself catching some unusual requests.

He said that they received an inquiry from a private person about their equipment. The individual says why they just get their ultraviolet lights and put it on the exit to the hypermarket. In essence, customers can stand under it for some seconds before entering the market.

Among the rich health pieces of advice, at present, the idea flooding the internet that one can sterilize his skin, other objects, as well as clothing with UV light. The idea proved extremely popular across the internet. A college in Thailand supposedly even constructed an ultraviolet tunnel that students and other staff members can walk through to disinfect themselves.

So, is it the best way to protect yourself from the novel coronavirus? Also, is it true that the COVID-19 hates the sun, and sunlight will instantly kill it? In a single word, the answer is no. Here below, we will discuss this.

Dangerous Rays for human skin

Everyone knows sunlight comprises of three types of ultraviolet rays.

  • UVA
  • UVB
  • UVC

First of all, we will discuss UVA. It makes up the massive majority of radiation reaching the surface of Earth. It is capable of penetrating deep into the human skin and is responsible for over eighty percent of skin aging, such as wrinkles and age spots.

The second one is UVB, and it has the ability to damage the DNA of human skin, leading to sunburn and, eventually, skin cancer. In recent research, the scientist revealed that UVA could also cause skin cancer. One can block the adverse effects of both UVA and UVB by using authentic sunblock creams and lotions.

The third type UVC, comparatively incomprehensible part of the spectrum, consists of a smaller but more energetic wavelength of light. It is mainly suitable to destroy genetic material – either in humans or viral particles. Fortunately, many of us are not likely to have ever come across any. Because the type filtered out by the ozone layer in the atmosphere long before it reaches Earth to destroy our fragile skin.

Can Ultra Violet light kill Novel Coronavirus

At least, that was the case until scientists find that they can join UVC to kill microorganisms. Since the discovery in 1878, artificially generated UVC became a primary method of sterilization used in hospitals, offices, factories, and airplanes in routine life. Critically, it is also fundamental to the process of disinfecting drinking water. Some practices are resistant to some chemical sanitizers like chlorine, so it provides a failsafe.

The Connection between UVC and COVID-19

Still, there is not any research that has come about how UVC affects novel coronavirus specifically. However, previous studies disclose that UVC is effective against another coronavirus, such as SARS. The radiation twists the structure of their genetic material and stops the viral particles from making further copies of themselves.

Therefore, a concentrated form of UVC is now on the combat zone in the fight against COVID-19. In China, every night, entire buses are being lit up by ghostly blue light, whereas squat, UVC-emitting machines have been cleaning floors in healthcare centers and hospitals. Banks also use the light to disinfect their money.

Simultaneously, the sales of UV equipment reported at a record level, with several immediately accelerating production to deal with their orders. According to Arnold, UV Light Technology run out of stock due to excessive orders. One can only use UVC safely with the help of specialist equipment and training.

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