Apple releases new Coronavirus App & Website with alliance of CDC

Apple releases new COVID-19 App & Website in collaboration with CDC

On Saturday, Apple released a new screening iOS app, and a website for the users to screen their health status for COVID-19 symptoms, a sensational move by a major tech company. Both tools developed by Apple in collaboration with the United States Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). According to Apple, the Task Force of the White House and the Federal Emergency Management Agency also assist the company in developing the tool.

The new coronavirus app and the website will ask the users a series of questions around risk factors, symptoms, and recent exposure to an infected person. After talking about the answers of the user, the tool will recommend further steps like maintaining social distancing, self-quarantine, closely monitor symptoms, tests necessary or not, and when to contact the doctor or not. The tool designed a resource for individuals and didn’t replace instructions from healthcare providers.

Apple releases new Coronavirus App & Website with alliance of CDC

Moreover, the website and app offer access to resources to help individuals stay informed and take the help they need. In addition, users of the tool will receive precise answers to frequently asked questions about the coronavirus epidemic, including how to diagnose symptoms and the person at risk. Additionally, users will learn the latest information from platforms such as CDC. It will suggest different practices to protect users from COVID-19 like frequently wash hands, disinfect surfaces, and observe symptoms.

Tim Cook

According to Apple, the screen app and website do not need an Apple account to use. The announcement of Friday follows the Tim Cook statements that Apple will donate ten million face masks all over the United States and Europe. Apple’s CEO tweets that their ops teams are assisting in finding and purchasing masks from their supply chain in collaboration with governments across the world.

American people can also ask Siri for guidance

Rather than the new Apple COVID-19 tool, users all over the United States also ask Siri questions like, “How do I know I have coronavirus?” to take guidance and resources from the CDC as well as a curated number of telehealth apps available on the App Store. Travelers landing at international airports across the United States started getting notifications on their iPhone with a reminder to stay home and monitor their health.

Latest tech being used against Coronavirus epidemic

Any eighteen years or older individual in the United States can access the screening website and app as well as resources today by downloading the COVID-19 app on the App Store or by clicking here.