Latest tech being used against Coronavirus epidemic

Latest technology being used against Coronavirus epidemic

As the whole world is stressed about the novel Coronavirus outbreak and every country’s priority is to tear down the intensity of the virus by imposing lockdowns and creating social distancing. The epidemic has raised the burden on the government and doctors. Now the government is going to implement technology to fight against COVID-19.

Following are some latest gadgets to fight against the Coronavirus outbreak.

Mobile applications for data collection

Various governments from the Asian countries are using mobile apps to collect data from the users who have positive results for COVID-19. A necessary application imposes quarantine for the confirmed Coronavirus people in South Korea.

Moreover, Singapore and Taiwan are even using mobile apps, especially for those who go out of the quarantine, which in turn alert the security and other authorities.

Drones for cops

In California, several police departments are thinking about using drones to impose COVID-19 lockdown and also use to check out homeless people. Furthermore, the Chula Vista Police Department had purchased two drones (11,000 dollars) that featured with night vision cameras and speakers.

Latest tech being used against Coronavirus epidemic

Ninja Robots

Many hospitals are going to impose Ninja Robots to low the burden on medical staff and especially for doctors. Main purpose of these robots to measure the temperature and monitor the patients. These are working in at least four hospitals around Bangkok.

Smart helmets in China

Smart helmets are using in China, where the COVID-19 was started, police staff is using this helmet that helps them to monitor the temperature of the surrounding people with the help of infrared cameras. The interesting thing about these helmets is that they can measure the temperature from surrounding up to 5 meters away.

Ventilator valves

As we knew, Italy attained the second-highest position after china regarding coronavirus pandemic. The region lacks medical facilities, including masks, ventilators, and gloves for nurses and doctors.

Brescia-based business took a step to help out the hospitals that are facing a deficiency of valves for ventilators. Isinnova, the organization, is going to develop its prototype for the ventilator’s valves with the help of 3D-printing.