FBI Investigating the Biden campaign bus harassment incident

Trump's supporters harassed Biden campaign bus on the highway
Biden campaign bus faced a harassment incident by Trump's supporters, Source: Web

On Sunday, a spokesperson of the FBI confirmed that the FBI is examining the accused harassment of a Joe Biden (Democratic presidential contender) campaign bus last week by car drivers displaying Trump 2020 flags.

Michelle Lee, an FBI spokesman, described to a media outlet, CNN, that FBI San Antonio is aware of the happening and investigating.

Campaign bus harassed while traveling from San Antonio to Austin

On Friday, in Texas, the incident occurred when the Biden campaign bus was going from San Antonio to Austin, which was basically to urge Joe Biden’s supporters to vote for him on the last day of early voting of the state. Moreover, the campaign official of Joe Biden said that the drivers’ action as an effort to slow down the campaign bus and distract it from the road.

 A person familiar with the matter described that motorists were part of ‘Trump Train’ started shouting obscenities and profanities contained words, and after this, they blocked the whole Joe Biden entourage. Furthermore, the Biden campaign official described that, at one moment, motorists slowed the bus to around twenty mph on interstate 35.

They tried to slow down the campaign bus in the mid of the highway. A source familiar with the matter said that there were around a hundred cars near the tour bus. The source added that Joe Biden’s staff members were anxious due to that incident, but the noticeable thing is that no one was hurt.

FBI Investigating the Biden campaign bus harassment inciden
Party flags of two presidential candidates,
Source: Web

Kamala Harris and Biden were not on the bust

Kamala Harris (California Senator) and Joe Biden were not present on the tour bus. But several sources described to CNN that a former state senator, Wendy Davis, who challenged Chip Roy (Republican Rep.) for Texas’ 21st congressional district, was also present on the campaign bus. On Saturday, Wendy Davis’s campaign refused to comment.

Biden’s staff members on the campaign bus called the police which, in the end, helped the bus to travel to its destination.

On the other side, on Saturday, President Trump posted a video clip (bus incident) on Twitter and captioned ‘I Love Texas,’ and described that his supporters were protecting the campaign bus.

President Trump said that, but it is something, did you see the way our supporters, you know they were protecting the tour bus yesterday, because they are nice.

On Sunday evening, in Texas, Joe Biden told news reporters that they have never had anything like this. He continued that at least, they have never had a president who thinks it is a good move.