Kamala Harris would be the best option as Biden running mate – Trump

Kamala Harris would be the best option as Biden running mate - Trump
Biden seeing Kamala Harris as his running made, Source: Web

Donald Trump, the United States President, is evaluating one of the leading competitors, Democratic contender, Joe Biden’s seeing as his running mate.

On Wednesday, while leaving White House, President Trump was asked about Kamala Harris, the senator of California. Mr. President answered that the Sen. Kamala Harris would be a perfect choice as Joe Biden’s Vice-Presidential candidate.

Kamala Harris, the former Democratic presidential nominee and last year who took aim at Joe Biden on the debate stage, is supposed to be one of the dominant candidates that the presumptive Democratic contender is seeing as his running mate.

On Tuesday, in Delaware, Joe Biden described to reporters that he would select his running mate by the starting week of August. Moreover, this Saturday is going to be on the 1st of August.

President says Harris would be the best option as Biden running mate
Notes evaluated by Biden,
Source: Web

Biden promised to let know reporters when he will make final decision

Joe Biden has described many times in the recent months that his running mate declaration would decide at the start of August, before the Democratic National Convention, which is going to begin on the 17th of August. Furthermore, Biden said to news reporters that I promise, I will tell you when I do.

The project that Kamala Harris would be former vice president’s choice increased on Tuesday after noted that Joe Biden took in his hand during the news briefing had the name of the Harris scribbled across the lead, as looked in a picture from the AP. Her name was followed by 5 talking highlights, including Don’t hold grudges. She campaigned with him and Jill. Significant help to campaign and talented—great respect for Harris.

 Those notes didn’t hold fresh content, and Joe Biden said that same thing about Kamala Harris a previous couple of months.

Although revealing of those notes arrived soon after a report from Politico that previous Senator of Connecticut, Chris Dodd, a longtime friend of Biden who was co-chair of the vice-presidential selection committee, still linked to Kamala Harris due to her takedown of Joe Biden in the earlier Democratic presidential election debate in June previous year.

Besides this, this report proposed that Chris Dodd was anxious that the Sen. had not shown regret for that incident, which briefly enhanced her campaign when Kamala Harris put Joe Biden on the ropes while the prime-time showdown.

Many comments that Chris Dodd supposedly made and have been criticized by many Democrats, including those who allege Kamala Harris is falsely being held to a standard that didn’t apply to male candidates looking for the White House.