The First Lady misleads viewers about Trump’s LGBTQ policies in a published video

The First Lady misleads viewers about Trump's LGBTQ policies in a published video
Melania Trump, the first lady, supported her husband in a published video, Source: Web

On Thursday, Melania Trump, the first lady, took to Twitter in a video clip of herself negotiating for 3 minutes the struggles made by President Trump’s administration to support the gay community’s rights, blaming sentiments that Trump opposes the rights of the gay community on his several enemies in the political establishment.

 Melania Trump described that she was shocked to know that some of these powerful people have made efforts to paint her husband as anti-gay, and nothing could be further from the truth.

Trump doesn’t support the gay community

Besides this, Donald Trump, as a President, issued many policies which have affected the gay community’s right and their lives, not in the supportive way. Moreover, Presidential Trump, as a presidential contender, ran on his personal thinking, which is that a marriage is only possible between a male and a female. President Trump described to CNN’s Jake Tapper, in 2015, that he is just for traditional marriage.

Before running for the presidential race, in 2011, Donald Trump was asked by a media outlet’s (Fox News) Bill O’Reilly regarding same-gender marriage. He said that he just doesn’t feel good about it, and he doesn’t feel right about it. He continued that he is against it, and he takes a lot of heat because he came from New York. You know, for New York, it is like, how can people be against gay marriage? But Trump is opposed to gay marriage.

Melania misleads people about President Trump's LGBTQ policies
Melania Trump with her husband, President Donald Trump,
Source: Web

Melania polished her husband as the first one to support the gay community in the White House

But in the video, the first lady presented her husband as the first US president to enter the White House backing gay marriage.

President Trump, a week after the election in a televised interview, described that he was fine with the decision made by the Supreme Court to permit same-gender marriage, but it wasn’t properly a ringing endorsement.

President Trump, within 6 months of tenure, suggested a restriction on transgender people applying for the military service. Furthermore, a discrimination case arrived at the Supreme Court in the first month of 2019, but the Supreme Court did not rule on the legitimacy of the restriction, which means that it could go into effect and facing a blow to LGBTQ (lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender transsexual and queer) activists.

She even retells viewers that President Trump is leading the Republican Party and demonstrates that the president has always dealt with lesbians and gays equally.