President Trump’s NDAA veto got annulled by Senate

President Trump's NDAA veto got declined by Senate
President Donald Trump, Source: Web

On Friday, the Senate voted to annul Donald Trump’s veto of the National Defense Authorization Act in a bilateral skirmish a few weeks before Trump leaves the White House.

Many dominant Republicans, including Mitch McConnell (Senate Majority Leader), voted in support of the override, which was approved by 81-13. That was the first time when President Trump’s veto got reversed.

A few of the prominent senators, who went against the override, are including Tom Cotton, Sen. Ted Cruz, Elizabeth Warren, and Bernie Sanders. On December 23, President Donald Trump rejected the 740 billion dollars defense spending bill rather than its passage with huge favor in both the Senate and House. Trump said that he is not going to pass the bill unless it obtained language to annul Section 230, an instruction that defends social media companies from being responsible for 3rd party posts on their platforms.

President Trump's NDAA veto got annulled by Senate
Trump’s NDAA veto got annulled by Senate,
Source: Web

Trump alleged tech giants for their biased behavior

President along with his top GOP members have alleged leading tech giants, including Twitter and Facebook, of cutting or censoring conventional perspectives and showed biased behavior in support of President-elect Joe Biden. Besides this, Trump even created an issue with a provision in the National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA) that required the renaming of military bases bearing Confederate figures’ names.

The Senate passed the override days after the House massively favored to annul President Trump’s veto. After this, the Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell broke with President Trump on that matter, mentioning his favor for passage of the National Defense Authorization Act and touting the spending bill as vital to the American security interests. Mitch McConnell, in his defense of the bill, said that it added a three-percent pay increment for the military members.

Failure is not an option – McConnell

At the start of the week, on Twitter, Mitch McConnell wrote that for the brave men and women of the American Armed Forces, failure is not an option. He continued that when it’s our turn in Congress to support them, failure isn’t an option here either.

 The decision made by Senate will probably annoy President Trump, who previously criticized the House Republicans for reversing his position. Furthermore, Trump called the GOP leadership of the House ‘tired and weak’ and labeled their override veto as a ‘disgraceful act of total submission and cowardice’ to the technology industry.

President Trump tweeted that negotiate a better bill or get better leaders now, and the Senate shouldn’t pass NDAA until fixed.