President Trump asked to change COVID-19 relief bill 

President Trump asked to change COVID-19 relief bill 
President Donald Trump, Source: Web

On Tuesday, President Trump said that he is seeking amendments to the COVID-19 relief package approved by Congress, letting the future of the 900 billion dollars incentive in doubt.

President Donald Trump’s attitude could create a risk to torpedo the sensibly presented the relief bill, which Trump’s own administration helped to negotiate, an action that can turn into a government shutdown and also turn the economy into a tailspin if he goes through a veto.

On Twitter, in a published video, President Trump described that he is asking Congress to change this relief bill and enhance the ridiculously low 600 dollars to 2000 or 4000 dollars per couple. He continued that he is also asking Congress to abruptly get rid of the wasteful and needless items in this legislation or to send him a suitable bill.

The unusual note appeared when he significantly left conversations over the measure to legislators and Steven Mnuchin (Treasury Secretary). Moreover, the President didn’t clearly threaten to reject the relief bill but explained that he was unhappy with its final state.

President Trump asked to amend COVID-19 relief bill  
Trump asked Congress to change the relief bill,
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The bill is different from the expected one

In a footage, Trump said that a few months ago, Congress initiated conversations on a new relief package to get quickly needed help to the Americans; it is taken forever. He added that the bill they are now deciding to send back to his desk is very different than the expected one, and it is really a disgrace.

But President’s note came to be greeted well by Nancy Pelosi (the House Speaker), who came to Twitter and tweeted that Republicans consistently denied saying what amount the President wished for direct checks. She added that at last, the President has settled to 2000 dollars, Democrats are ready to bring this to the floor in this week by unanimous agreement and let’s dot it.

Chuck Schumer, Senate Minority Leader, tweeted that they are happy to pass more aid American people need, but distressed that President Trump needs to approve the relief bill to help the Americans and keep the government open. He further described that maybe President Trump can finally make himself positive and get Republicans not to restrict it again.

Several sources described to a media outlet, CNN, that President Trump’s note will not prompt a renegotiation of the measure, which approved by big veto-proof majorities.