Congress approves long-awaited ‘stopgap’ relief bill to avert government shutdown

Congress approves 'stopgap' bill to avert government shutdown
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On Sunday evening, Mitch McConnell, Senate Majority Leader, said that officials had touched a long-awaited COVID-19 relief bill, although it is going to be hours ahead of the complete description, are revealed publicly.

At the same time, lawmakers approved a one-day stopgap relief bill to avert a govt. shutdown on Sunday midnight. After having days of conversations, Mitch McConnell described that he was relieved that an agreement was underway.

On Monday, the Senate and House were likely to pass the legislation. Before being voted by the full House, the Coronavirus relief bill first should pass through the HRC (House Rules Committee). Moreover, the congressional officials said that the deal would create provisional 300 dollars per week additional unemployed benefits and 600 dollars direct incentive to most American people, having a new round of grants for hard-hit industries and funds for health care providers, education system and renters dealing with eviction.

Congress approves long-awaited 'stopgap' relief bill to avert government shutdown
Congress passed stopgap relief bill,
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In a statement, Special Assistant to President Ben Williamson described that President Donald Trump had pushed hard for several months to send American people severely required financial benefits. He continued that they look forward to Congress pushing a relief bill to his desk very soon for signature.

Our aim to crush COVID-19 – Joint statement

In a joint statement, Nancy Pelosi (the House Speaker) and Chuck Schumer (Senate Majority Leader) explained that they aim to crush the Coronavirus and put funds in the Americans’ pockets. Moreover, the statement says that today, they have reached a deal with the White House and Republicans on an emergency COVID-19 relief and omnibus bundle that offers emergency required payments to defend the lives of Americans and their living against the pandemic Coronavirus.

On earlier Sunday, Mitch McConnell said that he was pleased that they look to be hours away from legislation. He continued, “for months, literally for months, Senate Republicans have been calling for another targeted relief package to resume the job-saving Paycheck Protection Program, fund K-12 schools, extend federal unemployed benefits, fund vaccine delivery and get much more help onto the front lines as soon as possible.”

On late Saturday, Senators had conversations on Capitol Hill as Sen. Pat Toomey touch the Senate floor along with series of complaints on the 900 billion dollars package. On Sunday, Mitch McConnell said that these new emergency lending services were always intended to sunset at the end of the year.

Senator John Barrasso described to Fox News that the agreement is likely to include 600 dollars checks to most American people, covering adults and children, additional paycheck protection loans for small businesses, and extended unemployment benefits.