Trump, on Twitter, posted a pic of himself covering his face with the mask

Trump, on Twitter, posted a pic of himself covering his face with the mask
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On Monday, on Twitter, United States President Donald Trump, after several months of rejecting to put a face mask in public, published a photo of himself covering face with the mask, announcing himself as there is no one more patriotic than him.

President Trump wrote that they are United in their struggle to defeat the invisible China virus, and several people tell that it is patriotic to cover the face with a face mask when you cannot socially distance. He added that there is no one more patriotic than him, people’s favorite President.

The pic market an important reversal for President Donald Trump, who, until the previous month, has mostly rejected to put the mask on face, much less issuing a countrywide order for one to tackle with the COVID-19.

On July 11, while taking a tour to the military hospital, Walter Reed, President Trump, was marked covering his face with a face mask for the first time.

President Trump declaring 'No one more patriotic than him'
President Donald Trump wearing face mask,
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On Sunday, during an interview conducted by a media outlet, FOX News’ Chris Wallace, he was asked that whether he feels sorry for not wearing face mask from the start and whether he will consider a country’s mandate, President replied that he just wants the public to have the liberty to choose.

President Trump said that he wants people to have particular freedom, and he doesn’t believe in that.

Trump also described that he didn’t agree with the United States CDC’s instructions that if everybody covered his face with a mask for four to six weeks, they could get this under control.

He continued that he doesn’t agree with the declaration that if somebody puts the mask on face, everything vanishes. Furthermore, he added that hey Dr. Fauci said that don’t wear a face mask, and their surgeon general, a terrific guy, said don’t wear a face mask.

Till Monday, the US has noted over 3.8 million Coronavirus cases, along with around 141,000 deaths, according to the recent numbers provided by Johns Hopkins University.

Besides this, President Trump has extensively insisted that blowout of the Coronavirus cases in previous months is attributable to the country’s strong testing arrangements.