White House personnel instructed to cover their faces with masks

White House personnel instructed to cover their faces with masks

After getting two positive tests of the White House members, White House staff have been instructed to put masks while entering to the West Wing.

Personnel of the White House office told that the staff members should wear masks to cover their faces all the time. They can only uncover their faces while they seated at their places while following social distancing from other members.

These instructions come when an aide to Mike Pence (Vice President) and a valet for Donald Trump (the President) tested positive for COVID-19.

On Monday, coming without putting the mask in the Rose Garden for coronavirus briefing, President Trump said that he didn’t require to follow any instruction or guideline because all the time, he keeps away from everyone.

He continued that we have hundreds of people per day that visit the White House each day. He said I think they are performing a good job containing it.

Three persons from the Coronavirus task force in the White House are undergoing self-isolation for two weeks after acknowledging the positive reports of those people that were in contact with them.

The first one is Dr. Anthony Fauci, who is the popular public face of the battle against the Coronavirus outbreak in the United States.

Katie Miller, who is the Press secretary to Mike Pence, also the wife of Stephen Miller, tested against COVID-19 and got a positive result.

Katie identified for Coronavirus after a valet for President Donald Trump was also declared to have the virus illness.

President Trump didn’t take any notice of the White House blowout and said that it was only just one person who contracted the virus, and the members who were around him tested negative.

President Trump told that more funds would be available to grow testing in all the states.

Furthermore, the United States government is to offer eleven billion dollars to all states to accomplish testing visions this month. All the states had asked how many COVID-19 tests are going to be conducted in May so that they will get the supplies to achieve the targets.

One of the senior officials of the White House who daily make contact with president trump is testing for Coronavirus on daily bases.

While pressing by journalists at the time when all Unites States natives could hope to have access testing, President Trump said that if anyone wants to be tested for COVID-19 right now, then they will be able to be checked for Coronavirus.

The White House denied to accept the CDC’s reopening instructions last week,  but some of the states are following the standards.