Sticking expectations on COVID-19 vaccine is not an adequate strategy

Sticking expectations on COVID-19 vaccine is not an adequate strategy
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As Coronavirus cases are still ramping up, the United States people are waiting to have a vaccine that will bring them out of the COVID-19 epidemic should see a more comprehensive approach, a top medical specialist told a media company, CNN, on Wednesday.

A former professor, Dr. William Haseltine, at Harvard University’s public and medical health schools, told a media outlet, CNN, that sticking all our hopes on the vaccine that works abruptly is not the right strategy.

 Haseltine described that a comprehensive public health plan is a better path to control the blowout of the Coronavirus along with the support of the vaccine and therapeutic medicines. Instructing face masks can help, but he said that we require a lot more than face masks to prevent that pandemic that is running across their country, such as freight train.

He suggested shutting down bars and other locations where young ones meet at night and even restrict massive gatherings in the severely hit areas. He continued that our life will not get any better until we make major alterations to our behavior, and public health services come with further resources.

Pinning hopes on COVID-19vaccine is not the proper strategy, expert says
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He added that the Coronavirus vaccine is still 6 months away and warns the people not to misjudge Coronavirus. Furthermore, Haseltine, well known for his cancer and HIV work, said that it would not be comfortable with making a vaccine. He says that those viruses are complicated viruses, and it’s not as easy as mumps or measles. It will carry a lot more complex.

Government-sponsored vaccine will be affordable or free for Americans

On Wednesday, Alex Azar, the Health and Human Services Secretary, said to CNBC that any Coronavirus vaccine that is powered by the United States government will be affordable or free for the American people. He also described that the same will apply with the Novovax and AstraZeneca vaccines.

Azar added that they will ensure that any vaccine that they were involved in sponsoring is either free to the American community or affordable.

Some anti-mask protestors denied putting a piece of cloth to help save U.S. lives, enormous indications of unselfishness have grown. Above one lac people are willing to participate in the Coronavirus clinical trials of the vaccine, said by the director of National Institute of Allergy & Infectious Diseases, Dr. Anthony Fauci.