Mark Zuckerberg criticizes Trump for not consulting health experts

Mark Zuckerberg criticizes Trump for not consulting health experts
Zuckerberg criticizes Trump over handling COVID-19, Source: Web

Mark Zuckerberg, CEO of Facebook, in an unusual rebuke of Trump, criticized President Donald Trump and even his administration for the response of the federal government to the pandemic Coronavirus.

 On Thursday, while interviewing with Anthony Fauci, the United States’ dominant doctor and infectious disease specialist, Mark Zuckerberg described that the government’s actions oppose the expert’s advice.

Mark Zuckerberg said that he just thinks that it was preventable and it is really disappointing that they still don’t have proper testing, that the reliability of the dominant scientists like themselves and the United States CDC are being undermined until currently that parts of the administration were calling questions whether the public should even follow primary best measures such as covering faces with masks.

American is dealing with novel COVID-19 cases confirmed every day. Besides this, several other nations have tried to contain the COVID-19; the route of cases in the U.S. is off the charts.

Zuckerberg criticizes President Trump for not consulting health experts
Zuckerberg was live with Dr.Fauci,
Source: Web

Trump handles the less effective response to Coronavirus

CEO of Facebook noted that the government and its administration have been significantly less effective to handle this. The top infectious disease specialist, Fauci, briefed that some of the U.S. states resumed their economies very quickly and plunged over their own measures and guidelines for resuming the states and overlooking the expert’s advice.

Dr. Fauci told that America as a whole, never permitted COVID-19 patients to drown to a reasonable baseline, permitting cases to spiral out of control again. He added that this is the recipe for getting into trouble.

The government’s active ignorance of expert’s advice

Although Dr. Fauci praised by Zuckerberg, and Fauci has been faced many critics off an on the record by the administration of Trump for his management and leading role to oppose the Coronavirus epidemic. Furthermore, Mark Zuckerberg said that Dr. Fauci left out of his Coronavirus explanation to return the Trump government’s active ignorance and orders not to follow the admirable advice of experts.

Facebook’s founder said that you might be pretty generous in your explanation of the government’s response.

Zuckerberg made criticism about the administration of President Trump is mainly noticeable because he has been vastly rebuked for cozying up to President Trump. An example, Facebook has denied allowing the President’s controversial, misleading, hateful, and untrue declarations, and Zuckerberg disclosed that remains significant for people’s discourse.