U.S. recorded highest number of COVID-19 cases in one day

Highest number of COVID-19 cases recorded in U.S. in one day
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On Friday, there were new COVID-19 cases confirmed in a single day, reached a new record after this, many of the US states rolling back or shutting down their resuming strategies.

According to the report given by John Hopkin University, around 40,173 novel cases detected, and on Thursday, an earlier daily high number of cases were reported.

The above thirty states are facing an upsurge in cases, and the United States is boosting more daily Coronavirus cases than ever. On Friday, Mike Pence, Vice President, said that we have all gotten many encouraging news as we reopen the United States again.

Mike Pence said that, to one extent or another, the density of novel cases appearing is a reflection of admirable success in growing COVID-19 testing across the United States.

U.S. recorded highest number of COVID-19 cases in one day
Source: Web

Nine states denied resuming economies

Nine of the US states have declared that they are not going toward the next phase of resuming economies. Moreover, those nine states are North Carolina, New Mexico, Nevada, Maine, Louisiana, Idaho, Delaware, Arkansas, and Arizona.

Dr. Sunjay Gupta, the Chief Medical Correspondent of CNN, said that this a problem, and we can spin it in all kinds of different ways, but the fact is that not just things are bad, they are as severe as they have ever been currently with respect to new daily bases infections.

The highest COVID-19 cases reported in a single day - U.S.
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Texas paused reopening phase

One of the earliest US states, Texas, which was going to reopen, but Governor of the state Greg Abbott has stopped the resuming economic phase of the state. Furthermore, Abbott ordered on Friday, that further limitations on businesses, include a condition that bars will be working corresponding to taking away and just for delivery, and also requiring local authorities not to approve any gathering which holds a hundred or more people.

Texas, the country’s 2nd most populous state, confirmed the highest number of new cases 5,996 on Thursday and also recorded 5,707 new cases on Friday.

Besides this, Gov. Abbott said that now, it is clear that the upsurge in new cases is significantly driven by particular types of actions, which include Texans meeting in bars.

On Friday, the HHS (Health and Human Service) Department declared that it would sustain its backing to Coronavirus testing in Texas state by permitting the federal testing site to work for further fourteen days.

Despite another state, Florida, with the highest 9,000 Coronavirus cases reported in a single day, Ron DeSantis, Gov. of the state, said to reporters on Friday, that the increase in cases was the result of ‘test dump.’