22 U.S. states are looking for a higher rise in new COVID-19 cases

22 U.S. states are looking for a significant rise in new COVID-19 cases
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As most of the states are lifting restrictions, and more people are going out to participate or socialize, around half of the American states are looking for prominent COVID-19 cases.

According to new research, the condition would have been much terrifying because maximum states had not imposed shutdowns.

According to John Hopkins University, above 1.9 million United States people have been tested positive for COVID-19, and above 110,000 Americans have killed by the novel Coronavirus withing just four months.

All across the United States, twenty-two US states are looking for a greater number of Coronavirus cases. Moreover, Florida is one of those states that have attained significantly higher spikes in new cases. In the earlier week, the number of new confirmed patients has crossed the roughly average of forty-six percent, as many of the US states are entering into 2nd phase of reopening.

Maximum cases in a single day, WHO says

We all knew that the epidemic Coronavirus is nowhere near to end. Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus, the WHO Director General, said that most of the Coronavirus cases, in just only one day, confirmed on Sunday, to World Health Organization throughout the epidemic.

22 U.S. states are looking for a higher rise in new COVID-19 cases
Source: Web

On Monday, Tedros noted that yesterday, above 136,000 COVID-19 cases were confirmed, which is maximum in a single day thus far. He also said that around 75 percent of yesterday’s patients arrive from ten countries, and most are from South Asia and The Americas.

School closures helped a lot

Around sixty million United states COVID-19 cases were avoided in early April, and thanks to emergency orders, Berkeley, a researcher from the University of California, said. Furthermore, those immediate instructions included travel restrictions, school closures, businesses, and shelter-in-place guidelines. Besides this, UC Berkeley said that the research didn’t evaluate how many people might have been protected by the police department because, with several infections, fatality rates would be significantly higher than any other thing observed to date.

Coronavirus has gotten strength amid protests over George Floyd Killing

On the other side, protestors, across the country, to stop police brutality over the killing of a black an armed man, George Floyd. Moreover, the Coronavirus could be transferred by breathing or even just talking, and carriers of the Coronavirus can be transmittable also if the people do not have any symptoms because it is an Asymptomatic virus.

That’s why doctors extremely warned people to put face masks and try not to contact anybody and make the possible distance from others.