John Bolton wouldn’t vote for Joe Biden or Donald Trump

John Bolton wouldn't vote for Joe Biden or Donald Trump
Bolton and President Trump, Source: Web

John Bolton, the former national security adviser, said that for this year’s election, he is not going to vote Joe Biden, presumptive Democratic nominee or President Trump, who was acted as Bolton’s former boss.

On Sunday, while interviewing with a media outlet, ABC News, Bolton said about President Trump that he doesn’t think Trump is fit for office. Bolton continued that he doesn’t think Trump has the ability to carry out the office. He added that he doesn’t think Trump is a conservative Republican.

Bolton said that he is not going to vote for Trump in November and not going to vote for Joe Biden either. Besides this, Bolton said to ABC News that he will find out a conservative Republican to write in.

Previous Sunday, after ‘The Daily Telegraph’ described that Bolton told a newspaper that he is going to vote for Joe Biden, former vice president, but the spokesperson of Bolton said the newspaper was wrong.

The statement was incorrect, Sarah Tinsley says

Spokesperson of Bolton, Sarah Tinsley, told a media company, CNN, that this statement is wrong, the Ambassador never told anyone that he decided to vote for former vice president, Joe Biden. She added that the Telegraph was inspected for a correction. She concluded the whole matter by saying that Bolton will not be voting for Trump or Biden.

Bolton wouldn't vote for former vice president or President Trump
Bolton and Former Vice President, Joe Biden, Source: Web

However, the Telegraph described in an article that former national security adviser, Bolton, would be voting for Joe Biden, they further explained that they didn’t quote Bolton saying he would.

In an interview that was aired on Sunday, Bolton told the Telegraph that in 2016, he voted for Donald Trump over Hillary Clinton. He further explained that now I had seen this President so close, I can’t do this once again. He described his concern is just for the nation, and Trump doesn’t represent the Republican cause that I want to go back.

On Tuesday, in an interview, for the promotion of the new book, ‘The Room Where It Happened,’ the Telegraph described that Bolton insisted that casting a vote to Joe Biden was not betraying because he demonstrated that he did not believe Donald Trump denoted the Republican Party.

Trump’s Campaign reacted to Bolton’s first news

Trump’s Campaign, earlier Sunday, responded to the first Bolton’s news in which he said that he would not support President Trump for the second term.

A statement provided to a media company, CNN, in which Trump’s Campaign communication director, Tim Murtaugh, said that John Bolton has exposed he is willing to lie and to reveal classified info to sell books. Furthermore, he added that even George Bush, the former President, told about him, he has no credibility.