Biden keen to shut the country to avoid COVID-19 spread on Scientists’ demand

Biden keen to shut the country to avoid COVID-19 spread on Scientists' demand
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On Friday, during an interview with a media company, ABC News, Joe Biden, presumptive Democratic nominee, said that he would accept to close down the country again if specialists recommended doing to battle Coronavirus.

Joe Biden, when he appeared with Kamala Harris, vice presidential candidate, in the first combined interview as the official nominees of the Democratic Party with ABC News, said that he would shut it down and would listen to the health officials.

An unprecedented conclusion this spring to shut down schools, churches, and businesses in order to avoid the blowout of Coronavirus that had massive-reaching consequences on the daily lives of people. On the other side, President Donald Trump has been forcing churches, businesses, and schools to resume the flow of the economy again.

While interviewing with ABC News, Joe Biden pointed at what he called about the fatal flaw of Trump administration in managing the pandemic Coronavirus that almost impacted on 5.6 million people and more than 175,000 has died. Moreover, the economic crisis also emerged that caused more than 30 million people to lose their jobs during July only, said by the Bureau of Labor Statistics.

Biden keen to close the country to avoid COVID-19 spread
Joe Biden, presumptive, Democratic presidential nominee,
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Joe Biden, former vice president, told Muir that he will be ready to do whatever it gets to protect lives because they can’t get the nation moving, until they control the Coronavirus. He added that that’s a basic fault of Trump administration that is thinking to start. Moreover, in order to keep the nation moving and running and the economy growing, you should settle down the Coronavirus, and you have to deal with the pandemic.

The first task would be dealing with Coronavirus

Joe Biden, in the Democratic convention speech, described that dealing with the COVID-19 would be his first job if he got selected.

Biden added that the first step, as a president, he will take control of the Coronavirus that already has destroyed so many lives. He continued that I understand something that this president doesn’t understand.

He further described that we will never get the country’s economy back on the right path, we will never attain our children securely back to school, and we will never get our lives back, until they deal with the pandemic Coronavirus.

On Friday morning, Democratic presidential nominee took some heat from some members of President Trump’s administration who pushed back on the capability to manage the Coronavirus better than President Trump.