Apple shuts down stores in four states as wave of new cases emerged

Apple shuts down stores in four states as wave of new cases emerged
Eleven stores are shutting down across the U.S. Source: Web

Apple, the world’s dominant tech giant, is going to shut down its eleven stores in various states, including North Carolina, South Carolina, Florida, and Arizona, as epidemic Coronavirus cases frequency, again, ramping up in many areas in the United States. Moreover, those stores were resumed just a few weeks before.

On Friday, a decision was made, which has another indication that the Coronavirus pandemic might avert the economy from jumping back as abruptly as many US states have been expecting. Moreover, on Friday, those concerns have pushed the stock down on Wall Street.

Arizona attained the first position regarding COVID-19 cases across the US

Both Florida and Arizona have faced mounting incidents of new COVID-19 cases. Over the last two weeks, in Arizona, 286.7 new COVID-19 cases were emerged per 100,000 people, which brought it to the first position all across the United States according to novel cases per capita. Besides this, the average number of daily COVID-19 cases has mounted by 143.1 percent.

Researchers at John Hopkins University (currently tracking Coronavirus) have said that, in the last two weeks, in Florida, the rolling average daily cases has jumped by 144.4 percent.

In a prepared statement, Apple described that they took that step with an abundance of caution as they closely had monitored the situation, and they have looked forward to having their teams and clients back as soon as possible.

Apple closing stores in four states as wave of new cases emerged
Closure of Apple stores in four states, Source: Web

Mounting cases in Carolinas

Although, a wave of new COVID-19 cases even experienced, with a significant number, in South and North Carolinas. In the last two weeks, in South Carolina, 179.3 novel cases of Coronavirus confirmed per 100,000 people, which pushed it on 4rth position in the United States for novel cases per capita. Furthermore, the rolling average of daily COVID-19 patients has mounted by 213.0 percent.

Last month, the tech giant, Apple, started resuming above thirty of its stores scattered across the nation after the closure of its United States stores in March. While the company was consistently selling iPhones at Cupertino, California, and even delivered its other products via the online store.

The company, again, to shut down its stores in threatened states

In Arizona, seven of the company’s stores are shutting down again. Besides this, two of the company’s stores are shutting down in both North Carolina and Florida. One store is also going to close in South Carolina.

Apple, unlike other biggest tech giants of the world, has stabled itself and has been doing far better than other competitors. On Friday, before the store shutdowns, the company’s stock hit a high record of 356.56 dollars.