Apple Donates around 1.9 million COVID-19 masks to New York

Apple Donates 1.9 million masks to New York for combating coronavirus

On Wednesday, Andrew Cuomo, the Governor of New York, said on his officials Twitter account that Apple donated around 1.9 million masks to the New York state with more on the way to assist in combating the novel coronavirus. Furthermore, Cuomo thanks Apple and show his gratitude for the much-needed gift of crucial PPE supplies.

According to Bill de Blasio, the Mayor of New York, the NY city requires 3.3 million N95 masks, around 2.1 million surgical masks, one lac isolation gowns, and around four hundred ventilators by Sunday to make ready the hospitals for an upcoming wave of pandemic patients projected by Monday.

Earlier, Apple donated ten million masks to different regions in Europe that hit hardly by the COVID-19, according to the CEO Tim Cook tweet. On Friday, the tech giant also released the latest screening tool to help individuals determine whether they may be at coronavirus risk or not.

Apple Donates around 1.9 million COVID-19 masks to New York

The coronavirus screening tool can help the users to understand what to do about the pandemic. One has come to know his initial status with the help of the tool, and in case of positive, he will surely try not to infect others and to keep care for those in need.

Who must test himself/herself for the coronavirus?

Not everybody needs to test himself for the novel coronavirus. Here we will discuss some important points which will help in making decisions about the test or seeking care.

  • Many of the people only have minor sickness and are able to recover at home with regular medicine of cough and fever.
  • There is not any treatment or vaccine officially approved for COVID-19.
  • Testing results may be helpful for any individual to make a decision about who you come in contact with.
  • The clinics’ staff should work in collaboration with their local as well as state health departments to coordinate testing through public, clinical, or commercial health laboratories.

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