COVID-19 is an Asymptomatic virus, seems to be rare, WHO says

COVID-19 is an Asymptomatic spread, seems to be rare, WHO says
Dr. Maria Van Kerkhove during press briefing, Source: Web

On Monday, the WHO (World Health Organization) official said that the blowout of COVID-19 by people does not express any symptoms, and it looks to be rare.

During a news briefing, Dr. Maria Van Kerkhove said that we had acquired a number of reports from various countries that are performing very brief contact tracing, they are following asymptomatic COVID-19 cases, they are observing contacts, and they didn’t find any secondary transmission onward, it is very rare. She added that most of this isn’t published in the literature.

COVID-19 blowouts without showing any symptoms

She continued that we are consistently observing at this data, and we are struggling to attain more information from various countries to answer this question truthfully. Moreover, she said that it still arrives to be rare that shows no symptoms individual actually spreads onward.

Talking during a briefing, Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus, the Head of the WHO, described that the pandemic. Coronavirus was worsening all around the world, even the condition in Europe was improving.

On Sunday, Tedros also noted that around seventy-five percent of COVID-19 patients reported to the United Nations health agency that appeared form ten countries in South Asia and the Americas. Furthermore, he described that around 100,000 Coronavirus cases confirmed in nine of the previous ten days, and around 136,000 cases confirmed on Sunday that was the biggest amount thus far.

COVID-19 is an Asymptomatic virus, seems to be rare, WHO says
Source: Web

He noted that most countries in the Africa region were looking surge in the COVID-19 cases, including in new geographic regions. However, maximum counties in that continent acquired less than one thousand cases.

The Head of the WHO said that, at the same time, they are encouraged that many countries in the world are looking for positive signs. Furthermore, in these regions, the main threat now is complacency.

Coronavirus killed 400,000 people

Across the world, the pandemic Coronavirus has killed more than 400,000 people, and each day thousands of new cases are emerging. Besides this, Coronavirus is still blowing out in few regions such as Brazil, it halted its death updates over the weekend when its death toll crossed 34,000, and Brazil has attained the 3rd position all around the world after the United States and Britain.

During the news briefing, Tedros said that more than 6 months into this epidemic, and that’s not the time for any nation to remove its foot from the pedal. Moreover, he added that it’s time for countries to sustain their hard work.

On Monday afternoon, above seven million COVID-19 cases have been reported all around the world, with more than 1.9 million in the United States, figures compiled by John Hopkins University.