Twitter to transfer @POTUS to Joe Biden, ignoring Trump’s rejection to concede Biden

Twitter to transfer @POTUS to Joe Biden, ignoring Trump's rejection to concede Biden
Biden will get @POTUS account on Inauguration Day, Source: Web

On Friday, Twitter confirmed to the media outlet, POLITICO, that the presidential @POTUS Twitter will be automatically handed to Joe Biden (the President-elect) at the time when he has sworn on Inauguration Day – Ignoring President Trump’s refusal to concede Biden’s victory. Moreover, the same action happens to other accounts, including @FLOTUS, @VP, @whitehouse and a few other official accounts linked to the presidency.

 In an email, Nick Pcilio (spokesman of Twitter) said that the firm is actively readying to support the transition of White House institutional accounts on 20th of January 2021. He added that as Twitter did for the presidential transition back in 2017, the procedure is being compiled in close discussion with the National Archives and Records Administration.

Twitter set those accounts to zero tweets

Twitter described that the transfer involves no sharing of info between the upcoming Joe Biden administration and the current Trump administration. Furthermore, all the previous tweets on those accounts will be saved, and the company will set accounts to zero tweets.

President Trump didn’t concede Joe Biden’s success, despite the fact that the results, provided by election officials, are clearly in showing the victory of Biden.

The federal agency, General Services Administration, which is responsible for directing the formal presidential transition procedure, has so far failed to do so. And it is delaying the access of Joe Biden’s administration to everything linked to office space and government email addresses, and even restricted them from using the government domain to manage the official transition website.

Twitter to transfer @POTUS to Joe Biden on Inauguration Day
Twitter automatically transfers accounts to incoming Joe Biden administration,
Source: Web

Why won’t it affect Trump?

For maximum tweets, Donald Trump has used his own Twitter account. So, President Trump will hold complete control of his own account (@realDonaldTrump). But his account will lack the protection it keeps under Twitter because of the ‘world leader policy,’ which permits rule violating tweets to remain up along with warning labels.

The company described that its representatives would have a meeting with Biden-Harris transition officials in the upcoming months to negotiate the specifics of how the incoming administrations will use that platform.

Ahead of the election day in 2016, the Obama administration published a strong plan for the transition of legal assets to the incoming President of the U.S.