Twitter suspended accounts under the directive of Indian prime minister 

Twitter suspended accounts under the directive of Indian prime minister 
Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi, Source: Web

Twitter, the dominant social media platform, detained strong after the Government of India asked Twitter last week to block hundreds of accounts that blamed and criticized the government for its mismanagement at the time of protests by furious farmers.

The company relented Wednesday to avoid any prison threat for its local workers. Twitter described that it had permanently taken down more than five 500 accounts and also removed numerous others when the Indian government alleged them for posting inflammatory content about the prime minister of India, Narendra Modi.

The social media platform continued that it proceeded when the Indian government issued a statement of noncompliance, an action that specialists said it could send the local employee of Twitter in jail for up to seven years.

Twitter didn’t interfere with media companies accounts

On Wednesday, in a blog post, the company explained that it wasn’t taking any action on those accounts that linked to media companies, activists, journalists, or politicians, saying that the company didn’t think the directives to block them. Twitter further noted that it was considering its options under local laws and had requested a summit with a senior government regulator.

Twitter suspended accounts under the directive of Indian prime minister 
Twitter blocked accounts under the orders of Indian prime minister,
Source: Web

Moreover, the company said that it remains committed to protecting the health of the conversation occurring on the platform and robustly believe that the tweets should flow.

Last month, Twitter had to face a challenge in the United States when it permanently blocked former President Donald Trump’s account for prompting its supporters to rush into the US Capitol, which ultimately caused the destruction and killing of police officers. Twitter exercised its right under the American constitution that allows social media platforms to handle speech on their services.

But this time, in India, the social media platform is terminating accounts because of the Indian government. The government under the ruling party, Bharatiya Janata Party, which Mr. Narendra Modi controls, has turned more aggressive. Furthermore, the government has taken journalists and activists into custody and even stressed the country’s media firms to follow its guidelines. The Indian government has even disconnected internet services in concerned regions.

The Indian government has also acted tough against its enemies and critics on various social media platforms. According to Indian Law, Twitter India officials could face a punishment of up to seven years in prison.

The executive director of the IFF (Internet Freedom Foundation), Apar Gupta, said that the power used for blocking apps is the same power that is being used to direct Twitter to block accounts and order internet shutdowns.