China raised concerns about India banning Chinese apps

China raised concerns about India banning Chinese apps
Zhao Lijian, spokesperson of China’s Foreign Ministry, Source: Web

Beijing is forcing back on a conclusion made by India to ban several Chinese mobile applications as the world’s most populous nations have driven into serious tensions over the disputed border.

 On Tuesday, a spokesperson of China’s Foreign Ministry, Zhao Lijian, said to reporters that the govt was robustly concerned about the mobile app ban. He added that authorities were still verifying and checking info on that condition, but he described that it was the responsibility of India to uphold the legal rights of international investors.

On Monday, India declared that it is going to ban 59 Chinese mobile apps, and some of them are much popular in India, such as TikTok, WeChat, and Weibo. Moreover, India claimed that these apps had threatened the integrity and sovereignty of India, Indian defense, security of public and state.

Indians downloaded TikTok app around 660 times

An analytics company, Sensor Tower, has shown that TikTok, an incredibly popular platform maintained by ByteDance, since the inception in 2017, it has been downloaded 660 million times in India. Furthermore, a messaging app, WeChat, which is powered by Tencent (Chinese tech giant), is one of the dominant social media platforms. Besides this, a microblogging application, Weibo, similar to Twitter, is also powered by a Chinese company.

The Indian govt. briefed on Monday that it consistently had to face many complaints regarding the transmission of Indian user’s data and its misappropriation via some apps to servers outside the territory.

China raised concerns about India restricting Chinese apps
Source: Web

The action to restrict mobile apps is due to the recent clashes between China and India, which is indirectly linked to the border skirmish earlier this month in the Himalayas.

Due to the pandemic Coronavirus, this year, both territories’ stakes are high and facing massive economic hits. Moreover, the clash between the two most populous countries caused many destructions, suspension of business agreements, and implementation of boycotts on Chinese goods.

India buys the maximum of its goods from China

India imports maximum goods from China than any other territory, according to the World Bank, India imports above 90 billion dollars’ worth goods including electronics, machinery, consumer goods, and chemicals in 2018. In return, India just exported less than 5th of that quantity to China.

For Chinese smartphone companies, India is currently one of the biggest markets. Moreover, China has created factories and offered many jobs in the country. Besides this, the ban on leading Chinese apps could threaten China’s motivations to lead the world’s tech; with the help of India, it looks the primary growth market for internet giants like ByteDance.