Twitter suspended President Donald Trump’s account permanently

Twitter suspended President Donald Trump's account permanently
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On Friday evening, Twitter said that it has suspended President Donald Trump’s account from its platform. The company described that after closely observing the recent Tweets from President Trump’s account and the context around them, they have permanently suspended Trump’s account due to the risk of more provocation of violence.

The firm further said that in the context of the horrific events of this week, they made it clear on Wednesday that extra violations of the company’s policies would potentially result in this very course of activity.

Dominant social media platform, Twitter, has made a decision after two President’s tweets on Friday afternoon that ended up being his last tweets. Moreover, Twitter claimed that those tweets were violating the firm’s rule against the glorification of violence, and those tweets must be highlighted in the context of wider maneuver in the country and the behaviors in which Trump’s statement can be mobilized by various kind of audience, including encouraging violence, also in the background of the pattern of behavior from Trump’s profile in the previous weeks.

Trump prompted his followers to “Make America Great Again”

President Trump’s first tweet was about his followers, in which he wrote that the 75,000,000 great American Patriots who support him, America First, also “Make America Great Again,” will have a giant voice long in the upcoming days. He continued that they won’t be treated or disrespected unfairly in any way, shape, or form.

Twitter suspended President Trump's account permanently
Trump’s account permanently banned – Twitter,
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Trump’s second tweet showed that he didn’t plan to catch up with the Inauguration of Joe Biden. He wrote that to all of those who have asked, he won’t be going to the Inauguration on 20 January.

But the firm detected that Trump’s tweet about Inauguration could be perceived as a further statement that the election wasn’t fair. Twitter even described that the tweet could lead interpreted as President Trump, saying that the inauguration place would be a safe place to create violence because he didn’t aim to attend it.

The platform also explained that Trump’s other declaration regarding American patriots suggested that Trump plans to keep supporting, empowering, and protect those who think he won the election. However, Twitter’s restriction particularly reports the @realDonald Trump profile, not his personal one. The firm described to CNN the tit will enforce its rules and regulations against ban avoidances to guarantee that President Trump doesn’t evade individual account’s suspension.

In a statement, Twitter added that if it is clear that another profile is being used for the purposes to avoid a restriction, it’s also subject to suspension.