After COVID-19 positive test of worker and doctor, SpaceX sends some employees home

SpaceX one employee and a health provider tested positive for COVID-19

SpaceX staff member and one external healthcare provider infected positive with the coronavirus at its headquarters in Hawthorne. Following the situation, SpaceX releases an internal memo to send some of its staff members into quarantine. According to many current employees as well as family members, the space company took some other major steps to try and protect its nervous employees at the headquarter, including giving out shielding gear and hand sanitizer to all of its workers.

SpaceX is requesting its workers whom it sent to the home to stay in quarantine and observe their own health for any symptoms of COVID-19 for almost two weeks. One Medical, the on-site health services provider at the space facility, is requesting all of its healthcare providers with COVID-19 symptoms, including the ones near the headquarter of SpaceX in Loss Angeles, to stay home and go for the test as soon as possible.

In a statement, the provider said that One Medical efficiently approached the employees of SpaceX who may expose to or contact with a COVID-19 positive case. The clinical team of the provider also recommends the specific employees to self-quarantine and closely monitor themselves for symptoms of the novel coronavirus. SpaceX didn’t respond to the request for comment on the current situation. Previously, the Telegraph reported about the infected workers at the facility.

After COVID-19 positive test of worker and doctor, SpaceX sends some employees home

The main concern is that the epidemic may further impact the aerospace venture of Elon Musk. Earlier, SpaceX delayed the planned launch of the SAOCOM 1B Earth-observation satellite of 30th March on a Falcon 9 rocket on the appeal of the space agency of Argentina because of the new coronavirus. Defense and aerospace companies like SpaceX counted as serious infrastructure businesses.

Masks and Hand Sanitizers in the SpaceX Facility

SpaceX sent out a memo last Monday, and it explains that one worker tested positive for COVID-19 after traveling internationally. All staff members who have in close contact with the specific member, they sent all of them to home to quarantine themselves for two weeks. In addition, the memo also reported a doctor at the One Medical-staffed health center also tested positive for the virus. The memo claims that the risk factor for employees from these infections is very low.

Many employees and family members said that the company also permitted to use sick leaves and vacation to other workers who feel uncomfortable coming for work because of the pandemic. According to them, whose workers who test positive for COVID-19 will be granted an additional ten sick leaves. The facility asked them to stay anonymous because they were not allowed to discuss the firm matters with the reporters. The company is making plans to make its own isopropyl alcohol-based hand sanitizer, as well as making sanitizing wipes and hand sanitizer bottles available across the facility.

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