SpaceX declares deal to refer tourists to ISS (International Space Station)

SpaceX declares deal to refer tourists to ISS (International Space Station)

A new partnership of SpaceX with tourists to send a fully private tour with tour guides and tourists to the International Space Station in the upcoming year.

Elon Musk, industrial designer, engineer, technology entrepreneur, headed a space company has signed a deal with Axiom Space — to get transport and tour guide by Axiom along with 3 astronauts on the Crew-Dragon-Spacecraft.

On Thursday, COO Gwynne Shotwell, president of SpaceX, told in a statement that SpaceX has been serving cargo services to International Space Station, having a partnership with NASA, since 2012. He even said, “we will choose NASA astronauts for the very first time.”

Probably this journey would be got success as the second half of 2021. Through this, travelers would be able to see the Earth planet from the above, and the short tour involves 8 days at the ISS.

The Axiom CEO, Michael Suffredini, told in a statement that in the coming March, history creating flight would be unrevealed to the easy, routine, and universal access to space.

Axiom CEO added that it’s an initiative of many journeys and missions to ISS. Axiom, in his random statement, told that nowadays, they are having discussions with NASA and planning to send two astronauts to International Space Station per year.

SpaceX announces deal to send tourists to the International Space Station

He described that they are happy and constructively working with SpaceX, and to get transportation, is an important part of that mission.

According to the organization, they are currently in a phase of establishing an Axiom Segment on International Space System at the beginning of 2024, and when ISS expires, another free flying station would be detached.

Thus far, Axiom didn’t reveal the expense of that private ISS trip.

In recent months, relating space companies have progressively worked up, such as private organizations would take flights.  Furthermore, Virgin Galactic has already told that its initial private space tour would be expected in this year, and in the previous month, it declared that the company is preparing to sell space tickets.