Some African countries have no Coronavirus vaccine at all

Chad struggling for COVID vaccine

Some African countries have no Coronavirus vaccine at all
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At the small medical center where Doctor Oumaima Djarma serves in the capital of Chad, there are no discussions over which vaccine is the best because there are no COVID-19 vaccines available at all.

The jabs are not available even for nurses and doctors, who take have taken care of Coronavirus cases in Chad, one of the least progressed countries in the world where around 1/3 part of the nation is flooded by the Sahara Desert.

The thirty-three years old infectious disease expert describes that he finds it unjust and unfair, and it’s something that depresses him. He added that he doesn’t even have that option, and the first COVID vaccine that comes along that has authorization, he will take it.

Rich countries have stockpiled vaccine

While the richest countries have collected a massive amount of Coronavirus vaccines for their inhabitants, many poor nations still struggle to secure vaccine doses, such as Chad that didn’t get any vaccine yet.

The WHO (World Health Organization) explains around a dozen nations, many of them were African, are still looking for Coronavirus vaccines. Moreover, the countries that last in the line are Tanzania, Eritrea, Burundi, Burkina Faso, and Chad.

Some African countries have no Coronavirus vaccine at all
Some African countries have no Coronavirus vaccine at all,
Source: Web

On Thursday, the WHO warned that delays and shortages of Coronavirus vaccine supplies are pushing African nations to slip further behind the whole world in the Coronavirus vaccine rollout and the continent now holds just one percent of the virus vaccines administered worldwide.

The UNICEF’s COVAX coordinator for Supply Division, Gian Gandhi, described that in places where there are no COVID vaccines, there is also the chance that recent and concerning Coronavirus variants could emerge.

While encouraging rich nations to send doses to the countries that are waiting, Gian Gandhi explained that so we should all be disturbed about any lack of coverage anywhere in the world. Furthermore, the total number of Coronavirus infections among those countries is comparatively low, health officials said.

Chad has declared just one-hundred-and-seventy fatalities since the start of the pandemic Coronavirus, but struggles to halt the Coronavirus completely here have been subtle. Earlier year, the international airport of the capital was halted, its very first infection arrived via someone who crossed Chad’s porous borders illicitly.