America to share AstraZeneca vaccine doses with other countries

The United States to share vaccine with other countries

America to share AstraZeneca vaccine doses with other countries
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On Monday, the White House announced that America decides to deliver millions of AstraZeneca vaccine doses to other nations in the upcoming months.

On Monday, during the White House’s press briefing, the White House Press Secretary, Jen Psaki, said that today they announced that the administration is seeing options to deliver US-made AstraZeneca Coronavirus vaccine doses within the upcoming few months.

She said that the plan of sharing vaccine doses was made because of America’s available supply of other Coronavirus vaccines authorized for use. The United States attains tens of millions of AstraZeneca COVID-19 vaccines stored, but none of them have been injected because it hasn’t yet been allowed for emergency use authorization by the United States FDA (Food and Drug Administration).

U.S. won’t need vaccine for upcoming few months

Jen Psaki described that given the robust portfolio of Coronavirus vaccines that America has already approved and that is available in huge quantities, including 2-dose vaccines and 1-dose vaccine, and given that AstraZeneca isn’t authorized for use in the U.S., they don’t need to use AstraZeneca in their country against Coronavirus in the upcoming few months.

America to share AstraZeneca vaccine doses with other countries
America to share AstraZeneca vaccine doses with other countries,
Source: Web

She explained that the Food and Drug Administration’s official said Monday that there could be up to sixty million vaccine doses of AstraZeneca stockpiled to be shared with other nations in the upcoming 2 months, assuming the Food and Drug Administration issues an emergency use authorization for Coronavirus vaccine.

One of the senior administration officials described that they expect that there are around ten million vaccine doses that could be released if and when Food and Drug Administration gets its occurrence, which could occur in the upcoming weeks. The official further explained that there is a projected additional fifty million vaccine doses that are in different levels of production, and these could be done in stages across May and June.

Many world leaders have stressed Joe Biden to deliver vaccine doses as several other nations have struggled hard to increase vaccinations. Moreover, India is one of the highly hit countries which is now dealing with one of the worst Coronavirus waves.

On Monday, Narendra Modi (Indian Prime Minister) and President Joe Biden have virtually connected. Prime Minister Modi didn’t make a specific demand for COVID-19 vaccines when he talked to President Joe Biden, said senior administration officials.

The A.P. (Associated Press) was the first media agency to report the plan of the Biden administration to deliver AstraZeneca vaccine doses to other struggled countries.