Barack Obama shared guidelines to resist people from violence amid George Floyd protests

Barack Obama shared guidelines to resist people from violence amid George Floyd protests

On Monday, Barack Obama, Former US president, posted a few pieces of advice on Medium and speaking to the protesters all across the United States over George Floyd’s death. However, he addressed protesters that how he thinks about people could go forward to keep that momentum to get real change.

He wrote in the post that ultimately, it is going to be a modern generation of activists to transform plans that best fit the times. He added that, but is hope there are some primary lessons to pull from previous struggles that are worthy to remember them.

Barack Obama’s message strained the significance of voting and contributing to politics, especially at the local level, where most of the decisions on basic-level police practices and criminal justice are made.

Barack Obama shared guidelines to resist people from violence amid George Floyd protests

He added that the bottom line is that if we are looking for real change, then the option is not between politics and protest. He said that we have to adopt both, we have to mobilize to increase awareness and we have to manage cast our votes to guarantee that we select such candidates who will act on improvements.

Obama addressed people: Don’t participate in violence

Obama even talks about the emerging violence in many United States cities. Moreover, while citing people and addressing them, he wrote in the post that don’t participate in violence, or rationalize it or not excuse violence.

Furthermore, he tried to teach people the significance of contributing to politics and participate in every election and even said that the selected official who matters the most in the restructuring police department and justice system for criminals at local and state levels.

Barack puts out guidelines to 'get to work' amid George Floyd death protests

While winding up his letter by describing the current pain in the United States due to COVID-19 and George Floyd’s death, he said that I identify that a few previous months have been very severe and depressing that the sorrow, hardship, fear, and uncertainty of COVID-19 have been compounded by disastrous reminders that inequality and prejudice still transform much of American life.

In the end, he said that the upcoming moment in the United States’ history can be a real changing point if we can turn our justifiable aggressive behavior into sustained, peaceful, and effective action.

On Monday, Barack Obama described that essay in several tweets, saying in few parts.

That was the 2nd time when Barack Obama wrote something on the country’s turbulence after George Floy’s tragic death.

On Friday, Former President took on twitter and wrote that this should not be normal in 2020 America. He added that it cannot be normal if we want to grow up our children in a country that lives up to its biggest ideals then we can, and we must be better.