Role of Vitamin D to cure COVID-19, Can we use it?

Role of Vitamin D to cure COVID-19, Can we use it?

During the epidemic Coronavirus, people are searching for some authentic paths to keep their immune systems strong. The supplement vitamin D could definitely help the immune system to perform better. Now the important question arises that should we take vitamin D or what would be the effect of vitamin D on Coronavirus?

The chief medical officer of the website WebMD, Dr. John Whyte, told Fox News that it’s an important thing to keep in mind that there are no researches that demonstrate the effectiveness of vitamin D or any other vitamin or supplement to cure coronavirus.

Vitamin D trials on COVID-19 patients

He also described that there are few in process trials to understand the comprehend effectiveness of vitamin D, and those trials are implemented on COVID-19 hospitalized patients, but the final results are pending.

An internist at virtual health platform PlushCare, Dr. Linda said referenced research that justifies the role of vitamin D to cure a common cold. Researchers are examining the data from twenty-five clinical trials that involve above ten-thousand patients.

She also said that there didn’t seem to be much reduction of the risk because of a forty percent reduction in vitamin D group and a forty-two percent reduction in the placebo group. So we certainly say that vitamin D can cure coronavirus, results made on the basis of currently available data.

Besides this, medical health professionals already aware that vitamin D assists in strong bones, and Anegawa told that vitamin even regulates cellular function through the whole body.

She said that while seeing it with respect to the immune system, vitamin D would help and participate to activate white blood cells, which in turn helps to fight against infections.

Around forty percent of the Americans are having a deficiency of vitamin D, Whyte said, because people are following a stay at home orders, which is another cause for the lack of vitamin D. Moreover, vitamin D levels could be affected by sun exposure.

Can we use Vitamin D?

He said that according to the current situation, many of us are at home under stay at home orders so that we could consume vitamin D supplements. He continued that people who have a deficiency of nutrients showed by a lab, should use that supplement.

People can get nutrients from fish, including salmon, and it could be possible through dairy products such as milk. He suggested 600-800 international units of the supplement vitamin D per day. Meanwhile, he warned the people to take too much quantity of the vitamin that can cause serious problems.