Most of the states imposing mobilizing the National Guard amid clashes over George Floyd death

Most of the states implementing mobilizing the National Guard amid clashes over George Floyd death

On Saturday night, Brian Kemp, Gov. of Georgia and Greg Abbott, Gov. of Texas combined many other states in mobilizing the National Guard due to current condition of protests that have shattered out throughout the country in the reaction to the death of George Floyd in Minneapolis police surveillance in the start of the week.

Late Saturday night, Kemp tweeted that after numerous negotiations with state and local leaders, he has approved order and authorized the activation of around 3,000 National Guard groups statewide in front of various pre-decided protests on Sunday 31st of March.

Police officer charged with a murder

The United States police officer caught in the footage while kneeling on the neck of George Floyd, who was taken into custody on Friday. Moreover, the police cop was charged with manslaughter and murder that resulted in protests, looting, and rioting in several cities.

Columbus, Philadelphia, Salt Lake City, Seattle, Los Angeles, Chicago, Atlanta, Nashville, Denver, Pittsburgh, and Minneapolis and some others have implemented restrictions and curfews when people supported Floyd.

States mobilizing the National Guard amid George Floyd death clashes

Many other state governors, including Ohio, Georgia, Kentucky, Washington, and Minnesota, are on the way to mobilize their state’s National Guards to reduce the destruction caused by ongoing protests.

Donald Trump, the President of the United States, and even Pentagon described that they are ready to offer federal forces to Minnesota in case if they demanded to stop the disturbance.

Damages in Pittsburgh, Miami, Philadelphia and other areas

The Department of Public Safety of Pittsburgh told that dozens of people took into custody, and around 4 officers were injured while dealing with protestors. Besides this, officers described to a media company that three of the journalists had experienced attacks by protestors, although, none of the journalists were attacked severely.

Philadelphia’s police told a media outlet that they had taken fourteen people into custody and searching for more arrests. Authorities added that 13 police cops were hurt in Philadelphia that also adds a bicycle officer who ran by a vehicle.

Most of the states imposing mobilizing the National Guard amid clashes over George Floyd death

Dallas and Miami police department claimed that they arrested 74 and 38 individuals, respectively. Besides this, a police cop of Atlanta had been through a severe injury by a person riding an ATV, although that person was also arrested.

Eric Garcetti, the Mayor of Los Angeles, requested for the National Guard to be applied amid severe emerging clashes between protestors and police cops.