Most Irresponsible Theory of Donald Trump about Joe Biden

Most Irresponsible Theory of Donald Trump about Joe Biden
Trump calling for drug test of Joe Biden, Source: Web

Donald Trump, the President of the United States, has tried to cast Joe Biden, presumptive Democratic nominee, and the former Vice President, as a tottering older person doesn’t have any idea what’s going on.

 Last month, Mr. President told a media company, Fox News’ anchor Chris Wallace, that Joe Biden cannot add two sentences together. He added that they wheel him out and he goes up, he repeats. They ask him questions, but he reads a teleprompter, and after this, he moves back to his basement.

Last week, at the DNC (Democratic National Convention), to respond to the strong speech by Joe Biden, President Trump arrives to swapped out Joe Biden out of it, and attacked him for one more weird.

Most Irresponsible Theory of President Trump about Joe Biden
Democratic presidential nominee, Joe Biden
Source: Web

Biden’s debate performances were bad – President Trump

On Wednesday, while interviewing by Byron York, Washington Examiner in the Oval Office, said that nobody believes that Joe Biden was going to win. He told that because of his speech performances were so bad. Frankly, Biden’s best performance was against Bernie. Moreover, he said that we are going to call for the drug test because Biden’s best performance was against Bernie, and it was not that Biden was Churchill because he was not, although, it was a usual and boring debate. He further described that nothing amazing happened, and they were going to call for the drug test because there is no path, and you cannot do that.

Donald Trump is claiming that the presumptive Democratic nominee, Joe Biden, against him, the person who had spent around a decade as the vice president of the U.S., was (or is) consuming drugs to improve his debate performances. When Trump was asked what proof, he held to create such a highlighted allegation, President responded that he doesn’t know how Biden has been so incompetent in his debate performances and after this all of a sudden be O.K. against Bernie. Furthermore, President Trump continued that my point is, if you return back and see some of those speeches, Biden was so bad. Biden was not even clear and coherent, and against Bernie, he was.

Trump concluded that they are calling for the drug test. Besides this, everything I can explain to you is that I am very good at this type of stuff. And I observed him in the speeches with all different people. Trump said that Biden was close to incompetent and if not incompetent and was normal, then I say how does that happen?