India’s daily Coronavirus cases surpassed 400,000

Coronavirus daily cases in India crossed 400,000

India's daily Coronavirus cases surpassed 400,000
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On Saturday, India confirmed above 400,000 novel COVID-19 cases, breaking the global one-day record, after a shocking 2nd wave of the Coronavirus pandemic continues to destroy the country and its already weakened healthcare system.

As ten consecutive days of the high number of Coronavirus cases (more than 300,000 cases per day), the Health Ministry of India explained Saturday that the number had surged and surpassed 400,000. Moreover, the coronavirus related deaths even ascended, with 3,523 deaths reported in the past twenty-four hours.

Eighteen of those fatalities were credited to a fire in the Coronavirus ward on the hospital in western India that even wounded thirty-one other patients. However, the number of fatalities and cases in India are intensively high, medical experts describe that those numbers show only a fraction of the total death toll and infections.

India's daily Coronavirus cases surpassed 400,000
India’s daily Coronavirus cases surpassed 400,000,
Source: Web

A biostatistician at the University of Michigan, Bhramar Mukherjee, said that a daily number of infections could surpass 500,000 by mid of May.

India should impose temporary national shutdown – Fauci

In an interview with the newspaper, Dr. Anthony Fauci guided India to impose a provisional national shutdown, which the United States infections disease expert said that it could have a noteworthy impact on the statistics of the outbreak.

On Saturday morning on Twitter, Batra Hospital’s executive director in New Delhi issued an SOS, threatening that he and his colleagues were in a disaster mood because of the deficiency of oxygen supplies. Furthermore, the executive director of Batra later reported that 8 COVID patients died that include one of the hospital’s personal doctor, due to deficiency of oxygen over the incoming hour before oxygen tanks were refilled.

Earlier week, twenty-six COVID-19 cases died seeking air in Delhi’s Jaipur Golden Hospital after it ran out of oxygen. On Thursday, Harsh Vardhan Shringla, Indian foreign secretary, said that forty nations have promised to support and pledged to deliver urgently required oxygen-related apparatuses and therapeutics.

On Wednesday, America announced that it would provide thousands of oxygen tanks and focuses to India as part of a hundred million dollars aid package.

On Friday, Jen Psaki (the White House Press Secretary), highlighting guidance from the CDC (Centers for Disease Control & Prevention), that the U.S. would start restricting travel from India in the incoming week. Psaki continued that the restrictions will be imposed in light of extraordinarily high Coronavirus caseloads and many variants circulating in India.